Bird Box: A Post- Apocalyptic Thriller

Netflix Original "BIRD BOX"
Netflix Original “BIRD BOX”

A Netflix original, “Bird Box” is based on the theme of a 2014 post-apocalyptic novel by American author and singer Josh Malerman. The movie differs in certain scenes in the course of its adaptation from the book. But the movie has managed to create quite a stir and so far it is one of the biggest hits of Netflix in 2019.

Directed by- Susanne Bier

Produced by- Chris Morgan, Dylan Clark, Clayton Townsend

Starring- Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Rel Howery, Danielle Macdonald


Malorie, beautifully portrayed by Sandra Bullock goes into house arrest herself along with several other people at a strangers home (John Malkovich) in order to take refuge from the sudden holocaust. In this paranoia, the only thing that is certain is “open your eyes and you die”. The story has a back and forth narrative which straddles two time zones; five years later and the present day. The movie starts with absolute chaos where people are committing mass-suicide; hurling out the window, bashing head into glass, and jumping into oncoming traffic. And the portrayal of how they try and survive through the cataclysm. Cut to five years later (present day), Malorie and the two surviving children – a girl (Vivien Lyra) and a boy (Julian Edwards) leave the house where they were taking shelter in the jungle. And go down a treacherous river “blindfolded” to reach a safe place. In the journey, the only guide they’ve are the birds inside a ‘box with a hole’ to help them sense any near danger.

Movie Review

The story is mostly open to interpretation. The only idea which is served onto a platter is something that is causing people to go psychedelic by looking into “that thing”. However, what is “that thing”, remains unknown in the entire film. There’s no direct supernatural interaction but we get a hint of its effect such as swirling leaves, gushing wind which are potential threats of “it” coming which are manifested from the experiences of the character. The presence of the birds is also tried to be woven into the narrative. Talking about the narration style, the time-zone narrative is also old and has been utilised time and time again. Also in the entire film, the identity of the entity and its existence remain unclear, which keeps viewers hanging with a lot of questions, though completely hooked to the movie. Hence, we demand a sequel to solve the mystery.

All in all, the film has an excellent star cast, but again not utilised them to their full potential, except Sandra Bullock who played the character of Malorie down to the T. Despite the little flaws in “Bird Box”, it’s anyway a must watch if you love thrillers. If you’re faint-hearted, think twice.

Apart from that, “Bird Box” gave us a lesson in life to remember “why we started in the first place”. In the film, Malorie starts a journey with the two children where she is constantly faced with difficulties and hardships. However, what keeps her going are the Boy and the Girl, the children who need her at all costs in order to survive. So if you’re stuck in life, take some inspiration from Malorie and find out your reason to keep going.

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