Movie Review: Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade - A Telugu Movie
Dear Comrade - A Story with a Strong Social Message
Dear Comrade - A Telugu Movie
Dear Comrade – A Refreshing Story with a Strong Social Message

Directed by- Bharat Kamma
Produced by- Yash Rangineni
Starring- Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Shruti Ramachandran
Music by- Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography- Sujith Sarang
Edited by- Sreejith Sarang
Production Company- Mythri Movie Makers

Movie Plot:

“Comrade” is someone who stays by your side during your journey and battles through life. The essence of the movie is neither communism nor political; it is fighting for our rights. Dear Comrade is the story of Bobby a.k.a. Chaitanya, who is a hot-blooded student leader at a college in Kakinada. He fights on behalf of other students to demand justice. However, due to his anger management issues, he gets into all kinds of troubles time and again. Dear Comrade is also the story of Lilly a.k.a. Aparna, who visits Kakinada from Hyderabad to attend a marriage. Lilly wins a cricket match for Bobby and his friends and it is revealed that she is a state level player and on the verge of selection for the national team. Bobby and Lilly fall in love with each other. Still Lilly’s first love remains cricket.

Bobby’s frequent violent streaks become a threat to their relationship and consequently, Lilly decides to leave Bobby. After 3 years, Bobby – now a sensible and nicer person due to his journeys with nature and sound therapy – accidentally meets Lilly and finds her in a devastated state with mental health issues. What has happened to Lilly? How Bobby helps her return to normalcy? Who is responsible for Lilly’s mental health issues? And whether Lilly can gather the courage to overcome her personal and professional struggles?

Movie Review:

After “Arjun Reddy”, Vijay Deverakonda has once again performed brilliantly. With his intense acting, Vijay has performed in romantic, action and emotional scenes with equal aplomb. The similarity with Arjun Reddy is limited to the character’s hot-bloodedness, and the character of Bobby has been transformed superbly by Vijay. In the second half, he exhibits superb emotions and wins over with his superlative performance. Rashmika Mandanna has played the role of a beautiful and confident Lilly in the first half, and a vulnerable and disturbed Lilly in the second half with equal élan. With her tremendous screen presence and acting, Rashmika steals the show. The sizzling hot chemistry between the lead pair–returning to silver screen after the success of “Geetha Govindam” (2018)—is outstanding. Supporting cast have played their part effectively. Though there was limited scope for the supporting cast, Shruti Ramachandran and Raj Arjun leave quite an impression.

Justin Prabhakaran’s music is melodious and youthful. Penned by Rehman, sung by Sid Sriram and Aishwarya Ravichandran, song “Kadalalle” is already a crowd favourite. Sujith Sarang cinematography is top-notch and captured the locations and frames beautifully. Editing is an area where the team could have done better. This is the area where the movie suffers a lot. Debutant writer- director Bharat Kamma – has done a great job and succeeded in bringing out the best from the actors.

Our Verdict:

“Dear Comrade” is more than just another love story. It also talks about how a strong support system is needed to overcome a harrowing experience so that a person could gather the courage to fight against injustice. The movie is released in four languages – Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. Although not released in Hindi, one can watch the movie in theatres with English subtitles. Reportedly, Karan Johar has acquired the rights for a Hindi remake. Go and watch this movie for outstanding performance from the lead pair and for the strong social message that the director wants to convey.

A refreshing and charming tale, stellar performances from the lead pair, melodious music, and a strong social message make this Telugu movie worth watching.