Movie Review: Marriage Story

Marriage Story
Movie Marriage Story starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver
Marriage Story
Movie Marriage Story starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver

When we think about marriage, there are just so many aspects to consider. It is the sweet-bitter or easy-tough journey of two different people in the holy-knot and how their lives span out with their two different personalities and perceptions trying to accommodate each other. The word marriage is a conundrum itself, but when you start to explain the complexities of a marriage, it turns into a story. Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern and Ray Liotta star in this beautifully directed film by Noah Baumbach to tell the story of a married couple.

Directed by:  Noah Baumbach
Produced by:  David Heyman, Noah Baumbach
Written by:  Noah Baumbach
Starring:  Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern and Ray Liotta
Music by:  Randy Newman
Cinematography:  Robbie Ryan
Edited by:  Jennifer Lame
Network:  Netflix


The movie tells us about a married New York couple who has a kid, and both of them are in the creative business of entertainment. The male protagonist, Charlie, is a genius of a director in a theatre company in New York and his wife, Nicole (who was a teen sensation herself back in the days) is cast in her husband’s play in a lead role.

Their much happening world turns topsy turvy when the couple decides to split up. In the dramatic aftermath of this decision, Nicole decides to leave for Los Angeles along with their son Henry. She starts living with her family in LA and takes up work in the TV business.

The movie is about how a sweet goodbye kiss turns sour when, as against their decision to part ways amicably, Nicole engages a lawyer to mediate the divorce for her. This development comes as a rude shock to Charlie, who wins a McArthur Grant and in light of the divorce case, the lawyer claims that Charlie should split the grant in half between him and Nicole. The entertainment package becomes triple its worth when Charlie hires a ruthless lawyer who opens the can of worms of their married life. Fasten your seatbelts for this roller-coaster ride.


Noah Baumbach, the master of dramatic comedies, has delivered us with another gem ‘Marriage Story’. He has guided the narrative of the script so beautifully, that the transition of this dramatic marvel to the reel is an absolute work of genius. The narrative will keep you close to its heart delicately balancing what is conflicting and how humour can take birth of such conflicts.

Scarlet Johansson has acted impeccably and performed the part of Nicole with finesse. The different shades of Nicole as a mother, lover, failed wife, actor, and of course, a frustrated partner is an absolute delight to watch. Nicole’s character has depth and multiple layers to it, which keeps you involved with her.

Adam Driver has come a long way since ‘Girls’. He acts perfectly for Charlie’s part with his simplistic approach and does it so convincingly as this genius McArthur Grant winning director. Charlie’s character is plain, simple, calm, profound and has an emotional blockage because of his abusive past.

Adam Driver has finally arrived at the big leagues, where he has proven his mettle and shown us all that he can pull off a story all by himself.

Laura Dern is the sweet conniving lawyer of Nicole in this movie. She is as sweet as she has been in the earlier films. Ray Liotta acts as the merciless nemesis to Laura and goes to different lengths to protect his client Charlie’s interest. Some of his arguments that are almost reminders of the sharpness of ‘Suits’ are when he accuses Nicole of being an alcoholic, and she is not fit for the child’s custody. Watch all hell break lose after that.

Watch out for the picturesque setting of New York and Los Angeles. The sets are as natural as they can be, and the background score blends in perfectly with the story.

The movie has a beautiful story to tell, and it has a mesmerizing pace to it. It’s a must-watch for all the mature people out there. Please watch it with your partners if possible, and for all those singles out there it’s essential to watch this film, as it will prepare you for the roller-coaster ride called marriage.