10 Awkward Relationship Zones

Complicated Relationship Zones

Complicated Relationship Zones

Friend Zone. you must have heard of this popular culture in recent times. Featuring in the Urban Dictionary, Friend Zone is a place in a relationship where there is a mismatch of romantic feelings. It could be a commitment mismatch where the couple is already in a sexual relationship, but one of the two does not want to commit, or while one of them is looking for romance, the other wants to be ‘just friends’. It can be safely said that such relationships are indeed undesirable and dreaded.

As if things were not complicated enough, now we have more zones of relationships to deal with, which appear to be a real threat to the peace of mind of any said individual dealing with the situation. While Friend Zone still occupies the top spot in undesirable relationships, we do have a few contenders which may wrestle the Friend Zone away from its present spot.

1. The Brother Zone

While you love her, and your love has absolutely not even an iota of brotherly love, she decides that you are the brother she has never had. She wants to give the name of a sibling relationship to what you two have. Well, friend, it is time to back away. Run. You do not want to be with her feeling the way you do, while she is all sisterly towards you. And yes!! Try to be out of town on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

2. Platonic Romance Zone

Now, this surely is a complete antithesis of emotions. Your partner is all in for romance and dates, but when you want to take the relationship a step further, i.e towards physical attraction and resultant intimacy, you face a wall. Your partner decides the relationship does not need to have any sexual overtures. Well, physical intimacy is a very important part of any romantic relationship. When you face a wall while trying to progress, it is time to change your direction and find your way out instead of literally being cornered against a wall.

3. The “I am Broke” Zone

This is a scenario where you have feelings for a person which has never been reciprocated. But suddenly, one fine day, you get the attention you have been yearning for and then ‘the question’ is popped, “Can you lend me some money? I am broke.” “Okay!” is your answer. Not O.K. at all. This is the perfect time for you to just run. You are being used. Understand that and you will be happier. But if you let yourself deceived thinking that things are finally working out, then rest assured that once the money changes hands, you are again out on your own, till the time and need to borrow again arises.

4. The Best-Friend Friendship Zone

This is one of the most beautiful relationships where you find your soul mate. You are completely rid of any inhibitions when you are with this person, there is this chemistry between the two of you, but, a big but, neither of you are willing to take the risk of losing a divine friendship over romantic love. This zone is indeed a dreaded one.

5. The Social Media Best Friend Zone

You are the best of friends on any of the social media platforms, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, or any of the chat sites. You realise that you share the same thought process on just about everything. You laugh at the same things and get angry over similar situations. And then you want to meet. And when you suggest a meeting, you see your best friend going offline. No response, but just the green online dot turning to grey. Well. Avoid this zone. You need to make friends in the real world. You are sure to find someone who is just perfect for you.

6. The Bodyguard Zone

Well, again a zone that you should totally avoid. You really like a girl. You have even met her parents. And you want to be more than just a friend. But she needs you to go out to parties because, either her parents will let her go only if you tag along, or she wants you around to be safe. Well, unless you are on the lookout for the job of an escort or a bodyguard, just walk away. You want her to need you for you, not anything else.

7. The Mr.India (as in invisible) Zone

You try everything to be conspicuous. You greet the person every time you see her/him, you try to engage the person in an interesting conversation while in a party, you try to call, but the calls are never answered or returned. Well sadly, you do not exist for this person. Time to back away with dignity.

8. The Geek Zone

Well, in this zone, your crush needs you when he/she is missing notes. At other times it is as if you do not exist. Well, understand that this person is using you and your copiously jotted down class notes.

9. The Single Friend Zone

The person you are in love with does not reciprocate and is happy “just to be a friend”. Remember Friend Zone? Well, this zone goes a notch higher. This friend will get into a relationship with another, and while at it, will forget all about you. And then when out of the relationship, will be back “just to be a friend”. Well you do not need that my friend!!

10. The Lover with your Best Friend Zone

A scenario where you really like a guy and he falls in love with your best friend and the best friend reciprocates it with all earnestness. This is the kind of a situation that you absolutely do not need. Go, find yourself a new best friend and a new guy to love. There are many genuine human beings out there in the world.

Any relationship which causes stress and anguish is just not worth it. It is like a gangrened body part. Better amputate it and throw it away, than let it poison your entire life. Life is short. Why complicate it. Be happy with someone who will be happy with you. Cheers!!