Acid Turn

After all the nuisance of rape cases all across India, now it is the turn of acid. A guy in Kerala has poured a chemical, suspected to be acid, on his girlfriend, who refused his sexual advances. The boy tried to rape the girl and when she resisted his attempts, he poured acid on her. Luckily, she only sustained minor injuries, but this doesn’t mean that we overlook this gruesome act.

What is happening to the youth of India, especially the boys? What is their mentality and why do they find pleasure in giving pain to females or their so called girlfriends? I think when you love someone then you even try to take away the pain of other person. This means, it is not the love, but only lust. For them love is just physical and they follow the philosophy of use and throw. Thanks to an easy access to all the free porn movies on the internet which is deteriorating their mentality.

The mentality of some people now looks like mutated TB bacteria, which is not at all curable with normal medicines, and this thinking is growing from person to person and engulfing the whole society. After such attacks we become active and then only think about the solutions. But where is that self control now? Are the guys puppets in the hands of their wrong intentions, internet, movies, media and their surroundings? Why cannot they control themselves and let women enjoy their rights? Just because God has made women differently  doesn’t means that the other person has all the right to misuse her. Respect her to get respect in return.

The family plays a major role in shaping society. What ever you will teach your kids, will define society. But sometimes parents do not know the difference between good and bad habits. They teach the same to their kids and this results in a personality which is not focused in life, but keeps wandering and indulging in all sorts of bad activities. Parents must know what their kids are doing, as they remain with them under one roof and know everything about their nature. They must point out at the same time they come to know that something is wrong and must not take their side in case they do anything wrong. But along with this, I will again say what I keep reinforcing in my other articles, that India should have very strict enforcement of laws. Also if there will be delay in punishment, then the punishment will be of no use.