Believe it or Not

I still remember how I used to playfully bury my milk teeth in the soil. Then I just followed what my grandma used to say but I still wonder what would be the reason for it? Anyways, I used to then wonder, how a tree bearing white teeth would actually look like!
Here are a few, I would say, ‘proud superstitious beliefs’ that rule us:

1. Dear, put your right foot forward!
I do not understand why the right is always considered to be right? What is the problem with the left when both are gifted by nature to complement and support each other? Why do we still have to make sure that the bride always enters her new house with her right foot forward?

2. Hiccups and cheek bites!
“OMG! Hiccups. Someone is thinking about you.” Really? No! It’s just because of repeated twitching of the diaphragm.

3. No Haircut on Tuesday

Okay but why? Wondering.

4. When boiled milk overflows – a bad omen is on its way. Yes. Right. Indeed it is as cleaning milk takes a lot of effort.

5. Itching hands are believed to be an estimator of income and expenditure. Sounds like statement from a financial management book. But please don’t believe it. Itching hands just need a cure. Simple.

6. Meow effect – A cat crossed your ways, please do not cross her line.
Really? But then what about those who have cats or kittens in their house?

7. I wonder those extra ‘K’s or ‘A’s in movie titles, will one day hop into the history books, making it even more difficult for kids to cram the names of the people who will one day make history as the “Alphabets’ Pla’A’yers’S”!!

8. The twitching eye is caused due to the following:
– Stress, Tiredness, Eye strain, excessive caffeine intake, alcohol, dryness in the eye, nutritional imbalances or allergies. Please note it has no relation with bad luck.

9. Make Wishes, with your eye lashes. Rhymes so well, right? But are not actually correlated.

10. Kismat Connection
Destiny is defined by ones own deeds. Fear of God is essential but living in fears associated with materialism and failures will only rusts our own rationality.

11. Please do not burn those red chillies – I do not know if it actually burns the evil eyes, but burns and turns my eyes to be like evil eyes.

12. “Aachhoo.. Aahchoo..” This is how a part brain reacts to any irritation in our nose. Simple.

13. Never ask the question “where are you going?” while anybody is leaving the house, its purpose will not be fulfilled. Please, DO ANSWER this question when your family or anyone close asks you because, nobody is safe, any day, at any place.

Many of these beliefs are intentionally or unintentionally followed. Even each of these vary from region to region and country to country. We all are progressing – as individuals, as a nation and as an entire world but what about our beliefs? Is it helping us anyway?

We need to think and we need to change.

P.S.: See the number of points I have covered above. It’s ’13’ – The Scariest number!