Correlation Between Science and Happiness

Happiness is an emotion, an internal truth and is also the ultimate goal in everyone’s life. The definition of happiness and ways to be happy vary from person to person and there is no way to measure happiness. Sometimes your family makes you happy and other time it is your books, or hobby which leads to happiness in life. Even sitting alone, chanting God’s name or relaxing can make you happy. So your way of finding happiness depends on your personality.

Science as well as scientific discoveries and inventions on the other hand are external realities meant for a better life. Science is for making the survival of man easier on the planet. Though its realm is external, but to a great extent science has stepped into our inner realms and become part of our lives. Mobile phones, laptops, LCDs, AC, fans etc are all part of scientific discoveries and we cannot imagine life without them. No doubt that owing these comforts gives you a sort of satisfaction and an ease, but the truth is that you cannot gain ultimate happiness with them. There is always an urge to get better and bigger. It has been proved that once your basic needs are fulfilled, then money and materialistic things play a very limited role in providing happiness. This is the reason why the richest men on earth are not the happiest. Many inventions especially in the field of medicine are for happiness, whereas some inventions like that of destructive materials used in war act as demons.

Also with the development of human consciousness supported by science, stress levels have increased which is keeping us away from happiness. With the use of different gadgets, morality to a large extent is diminishing. Hence a person with loose moral character cannot stay happy. It is said that a healthy body brings true happiness which is followed by wealth and other worldly things. It is not that scientific inventions don’t contribute to your happiness, they do, but there is no evidence that people who didn’t have access to these gadgets were unhappy . Human emotions and attachments are far above scientific inventions and lead to true happiness.

On the other hand if we consider a flourishing life as a happy life, then science plays an important role in it. But it is like a water bubble. Once we attain success we look for someone to share our success and happiness with.

Religious faith is one of the factors which can bring happiness. It connects you to the supreme power and disconnects you from worldly happiness.

Your true friendship also leads to happiness. It lets you live a positive life without mood swings and depression. So you need a true friend to be happy.

Family commitments and spending time with your family brings ultimate happiness in life, which is far beyond the happiness obtained from scientific inventions.

Positive event and accomplishments in life result in happiness.

Satisfaction in life and work brings  happiness.

Share your definition of happiness with us to complete the discussion.