Dos and Don’ts If You are Going for Amarnath Yatra



The yearly pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Amarnath will begin on 29 June and end on 7 August 2017. The registration of annual Amarnath yatra has already started. Meanwhile, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) has issued the Do’s and Dont’s for the pilgrims so that the yatra goes peacefully without any hindrances.

Do’s for the Amarnath Yatris

  • Woolen clothes: All candidates are advised to take sufficient woolen clothing as the temperature is very unpredictable and can fall below 5 degree Celsius abruptly.
  • Protection of rain: All items that protect the pilgrims from rain and wind such as a raincoat, an umbrella, windcheater, and waterproof shoes should also be carried.
  • Water proof bag: It is always better to keep all your essential stuff in a water proof bag so as to not to get them wet.
  • Address note: All pilgrims must carry with them, especially in the front pocket or purse, a note with name and address and telephone number with the scheduled time of yatra for emergency purpose.
  • Identity card: Also carry with you I-proof card in the form of driving license, yatra permit or any other identity proof.
  • Always remain in group: To be on the safe side, always travel in a group. Make sure all your known people are traveling at the same time and are within your sight.
  • Leave base camp in a group: While traveling back, leave the base camp with your group members.
  • Police case: In case of an incidence of any member missing from your group, seek immediate police help. There is also the option of making an announcement on the Public Address System at the Yatra Camp.
  • Sharing and helping: Always be a helping hand to your fellow yatris.
  • Follow instructions: All instructions issued by the Yatra Administration should be followed by all yatris strictly as and when announced.
  • Control room: For any kind of assistance, accidents or emergency, SASB Camp Directors and Yatra control rooms at regular intervals can be approached immediately. Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs) are also available at various spots.
  • Punctuality: Access control room at Domel and Chandanwari opens at 05.00 am and closes at 11.00 am. Always be on time at the gates. Yatris won’t be allowed to undertake pilgrimage after the gate closes.
  • Langar: Yatris are also offered free food at the langars in the entire area of the yatra.
  • Fixed menu: All yatris should follow the menu as prescribed by the board and it is available on the official website
  • Pre-activated cards: No SIM cards from other states work in Jammu and Kashmir and the yatra area. But, yatris can purchase pre-activated SIM cards at the base camps.

Don’ts for the Amarnath Yatris

  • Sarees not allowed: Women yatris should not wear sarees as it would be difficult to climb up with saree. Instead, they should wear comfortable salwar kurta, shirt-pant or track suits.
  • Pregnant women not allowed: Women more than 6-weeks pregnant are not allowed to take the journey.
  • Young children and old people not allowed: Children below 13 years of age, pregnant women and those above 75 years of age are not allowed for the yatra.
  • Warning notices: You are not supposed to stay close to areas which are marked by dangerous warning notices.
  • No slippers: You are not supposed to wear slippers as it becomes highly uncomfortable to walk on the steep rises and falls of the trek with slippers. Also, you cannot walk barefoot.
  • No short cuts: There are no short cuts on the route. So don’t you ever try your own short route.
  • Do not pollute: Do not pollute the yatra area and protect the environment. Do not bring any polythene bag with you. This is a punishable act in J&K.
  • Do not make noise: Do not disturb fellow passengers by speaking loudly and making unnecessary noise.
  • Do not throw coins: You are not allowed to throw currency notes, coins, decorative chunnis, brass pots towards the Shivlingam while having Darshans at the Amarnath Cave.
  • Do not stay overnight: You are not allowed to stay at the cave overnight because of high altitude and unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Do not leave for Cave after 3 pm: No darshan is allowed after 6 pm. So you are not allowed to leave Panjtarni Camp towards Amarnath Cave after 3 pm.