Friends who walk together, grow together!

Walk. Did you walk today? I kind of live with guilt if I don’t get to walk every day. It is essential for me to walk a few miles and then a few miles more, but there are stretches when I miss more days than I do. An effort continues to ensure that these breaks are a few and far between.

The best part of the walk for me is always is the talk, I don’t walk alone. I remember my walks with my dad, my brother, my neighbors, my school friends, my colleagues, my business associates, my wife and my daughter. Every walk to me offers a potential of understanding other than your own thought. Looking at a different perspective, discovering different patterns in the sky, finding out new nests made and feeling bad about the older ones destroyed. Childhood friends are a different breed of people altogether, everything comes naturally to them. Walking with a childhood friend is always a pleasure, never a pain. Some of my best walking experiences of late have been walking with my childhood friend, and what a learning it has been. It has helped me trivialize my issues, admire my moments of success, being of use and at the same time having a mind to pick, when needed.

Biggest advantage of walking together with a friend is your own growth in your own eyes, as a person. There are no pretexts, or pretensions so “information” sharing and “exchanging notes” is honest to soul exercise. The feeling that you are not the only one who battles execution challenges at work space or finds it difficult to accept “well thought through process” of your brother-in-law makes it simpler. If you and your friend who walk together come from similar backgrounds, the grind becomes easier at every step. Resources combine, strengths multiply, thoughts shared, your teenage daughters challenges with you aren’t going to be very different than his, right? So, you get to put challenges aside quickly leaving window for growth. Some people love to keep their life “personal & private” others prefer to have someone to share, care and grow together.