Growing Culture of Buddhist Chanting

Growing Culture of Buddhist Chanting
Key acts of Buddhist practice are meditation and chanting.
Growing Culture of Buddhist Chanting
Key acts of Buddhist practice are meditation and chanting.

These days, Buddhist chanting is becoming rather popular in India, especially so in the urban clusters. This includes people from all walks of life, such as bank executives, homemakers, social workers, and book publishers. All of them have one thing in common – their lives are too hectic and stressful.

Below are the reasons why people find solace in chanting Buddhist mantras:

Catching on Among Professionals

It has been seen that this practice has become really popular among professionals, especially ones who are doing well from a career and financial point of view.

The main reason for its growth has been the word of mouth publicity. Chanting ‘Nam myoho renge kyo’ is supposed to be a great way to ease stress that builds up in the everyday lives of those who are constantly on their toes chasing targets, handling too many tasks or playing their part in the ultra competitive corporate world. In most cases, from a demographic point of view, it has been seen that people picking up these mantras are practising Hindus. However, they have also said that there is no conflict between their religious beliefs and this particular practice as such. For some, this is a calming experience, while for others it happens to be an invigorating one.

Being Humane

Many followers of Buddhist chanting say that chanting these mantras has made them a lot more humane than what they were earlier. They feel that they are now able to better understand the suffering being experienced by others. This compassion helps them to reach out to other people as well.

A Way of Life

Buddhism is supposed to be a way of life. It is a philosophy that brings a positive energy to your life. Hence, people who use these chants say they have definitely benefited from increased energy, harmony and positive vibes in their lives.

A Few Words on the Religion

It is common knowledge that it was in the Indian subcontinent that Buddhism was initiated around 5th century BC. However, over the years it has floundered in Nepal and India while it has done really well in various forms in countries such as China, Japan, North and South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia. It helps that the rituals in the religion are easy and there is no dogma as such. This is the reason why Buddhism has supporters from all over the world. This includes Hollywood celebrities as well. It is well known that Buddhist spiritual retreats are highly popular even among the likes of agnostics, Jews, and Christians.

Searching for Meaning in Life

There are plenty of people who have taken up Buddhist chanting for the simple reason that they are looking for some meaning in their lives. In these cases, it is being seen that they have heard about the benefits of chanting from their friends. Such chanting helps fill up the vacuum in their lives. It also stops them from thinking about self at all times. Instead, it helps them put others before themselves.

No Conflict

As has been said already, the practitioners in this case say that there is no conflict between their traditional religious beliefs and the Buddhist chanting. They have stated that these chants are not invasive at all, and do exist peacefully along with their regular religious observances. As far as its believers are concerned, Buddhist chanting just opens a new avenue from where they can get some much needed happiness in their lives.

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