Happiness – Does It Require A Reason?

Have you ever wondered, why toddlers smile for no reason? Well, this question would strike my mind several times and I would find no answer for this. I could not understand what actually makes us smile. What is the reason for happiness?

After a lot of pondering and self-observation, I finally got the answer to my question. “Happiness is what requires no reason”We are happy in all those moments that do not make us feel sad.

Most of our time, we keep thinking about our past and future. However, when we cannot change our past and we don’t know our future, then we should not waste our time thinking about these. We should live in the present and should focus simply on that.

People seems to crave for happiness. They try to find a reason to be happy but actually there is none such. We don’t require any reason to laugh or smile and when one would realize this fact, he/she would feel a bliss – a never-ending happiness.

Even happiness index shows that poor people are happier than the rich. Smile costs us nothing. “Keep Smiling – its contagious.”