Happy Mother’s Day 2021: 10 Gift Ideas To Make Your Mom Feel Special

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children – Jessica Lange (actress)

We admit, there can be no gift quite worth your mother. Then again, you do want your mother to feel special this Mother’s Day and don’t want to give in to clichéd gifts. So here’s a list of 10 gift ideas to put your mom on top of the world this Mother’s Day.

Plan a Day Out With Mom

Nothing makes a mother happier than spending time with her children. Plan a day out with your mother this Mother’s Day. Give the mall a skip and plan a picnic, a boat ride, a trip to the beach, or even a garden. Turn off your mobile device and give her your undivided attention.

A Vacation With Her Girlfriends

Ever since she had children, your mother quite possibly never travelled alone. This Mother’s Day plan a beautiful vacation for your mother with her gang of girls. A beachside resort or a scenic hill station, maybe. Splurge on an all paid stay at a wonderful resort and plan the little extras like a day at the spa and salon.

A Collage/Scrap Book Of Memories

Nothing to gladden a mom’s heart like a book of memories. And no, that does not mean a book of all your pictures. Talk to her friends, your uncles and aunts, your father, grandparents – anyone who has known your mom over the years. It could be a book of her childhood memorabilia, with cute notes from colleagues and coworkers, embarrassing pictures from family occasions – anything that’ll make you mother smile.

Buy Her Jewellery

She skimped, she saved, she cut back on her own needs and splurged on you. The smallest of your demands were met but perhaps at her own cost. This Mother’s Day buy your mom that piece of antique jewellery, that diamond nose pin, that coral broach, that bling that she has always sighed at but never quite been able to afford.

Send Your Parents On A Second Honeymoon

Think of all the late nights they spent home changing diapers, watching cartoons with you, working on your school project, cheering you up after a heartbreak, or simply worrying over you. The perfect gift this Mother’s Day is to plan a second honeymoon (all expenses paid) for your parents.

Join A Hobby Class With Your Mother

Remember how much fun it was back in school when you would attend classes with friends and learn something new each day? Nothing spells love and commitment better than signing up for a hobby class with your mom. Let her pick whatever she’s always wanted to do – learn a language, pottery, painting, salsa – sky’s the limit on this one.

Put Together A Hamper

Remember the song “A Few Of My Favorite Things”? Find out what your mom’s favourite things are and put together a hamper of assorted goodies. This could contain her favourite perfume, a box of chocolates, the shade of MAC lipstick she loves best, or even the seeds of her favourite flowers for her to plant and grow.

Help Her Connect

On the off chance your mom is not yet tech savvy, help your mother connect with her childhood friends, her college mates, her colleagues, the extended family, and with you. Sign her up on Facebook, gift her a smartphone or a tablet, teach her to Skype and video chat.

The Rustle Of Silk

Indian women have an eternal love affair with silk. This mother’s Day buy her a unique raw silk or choose from one of India’s glorious handlooms – Kanjeevaram, Ikkat, Paithni, Jamdani, Patola, Uppada,  Benarasi, Dhakai and more. Let the soft rustle of silk delight you mom this Mother’s Day.

Plan Her Terrace Garden

This one will take time and effort but the best thing you can gift your mother and Mother Earth this Mother’s Day is a beautiful garden. Even if it means planting greens and flowering plants in colourful pots in your terrace. Water them, wait for them to bloom and set up a comfy cushion – a little nook for your mother to unwind with her coffee each morning.