Has torture got into our habit?

We are in shock again. Just when we were able to catch our breath after gasping for a while over the brutal gang rape and assault of a 23 year old intern, another brutality comes to the fore. This time on the border. We get to hear how Pakistani soldiers intruded in Indian territory at the LoC. The dense fog  assisted them to get into an Indian post in Sona Gali area in the border district of Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir. They sneaked and then they slit the throats of two Indian soldiers. The body of one of the soldiers was badly mutilated though the army officials did not confirm the details earlier. The  reports which came in on Jan 9 was that one of the soldier was decapitated and his head was taken away by the Pakistani soldiers. Next day it was said that the two soldiers were beheaded.

The mind asks a numb question. Are we defining brutality? What has happened to us as human beings? On one hand we hear how a woman is not only raped but tortured in the most brutal way possible. There was no reason for the torture but it seems the criminals derived pleasure in the heinous act. They must have found some thrill in it, that is what can be said if we have to put it in the most crude manner. And now this. We have heard of soldiers getting killed and they are tortured if they are caught, though we as civilians hardly get to know the details. But  it is so inexplicable a situation where soldiers from neighboring country get into your territory and kill your soldier in the most brutal manner. Why did they slit the throats, mutilate the body? Did they derive pleasure in it?  Does  this behavior befit the soldier of any army?

The heart remains shocked and feels the pain. At the same time it wonders what all may come in future. How much brutality we will indulge in till we say now it is enough and we should stop? History tells us  that King Ashoka denounced the material world and wars once he saw the massacre at the Battle of Kalinga but will we ever have change of hearts? The possibility seems bleak now. The reason, we indulge in torture without any reason. We have got into the habit of that and when something gets into the usual routine it gets dangerous. Hope is still a word which gives strength but the heart remains shell shocked wondering what all it has to endure next.