Benefits of Meditation

Importance of meditation

Importance of meditationMeditation or “dhyana” is an extreme form of concentration. It allows your mind to focus on one thing and detaches you from all worldly things. Meditation is one of The 8 Limbs of Yoga. It is believed that all divine powers live in the heart and meditation is the only route to dive deep into your heart. Though meditation is not an answer to all your problems, but it sure results in a harmony between body and soul. To reap the full benefits of meditation, regular practice is required.

How to Meditate?

To mediate you must sit comfortably and start focusing on one thought, object or even your breathing. Initially your mind will wander. Do not try to stop it. Let it go. Do not suppress any feelings or thought, but let these pass. Once done your mind will automatically return to your object of focus. Now your mind will be at peace.

With time your mind will wander less and within no time you will enter into a phase of deep concentration. Mediation will bring you to the present.

Importance of Meditation

  • By daily practicing meditation you will become a calmer person. There will be a mental serenity in every task you perform. Each day you will have a different experience so never think about the day gone by, but on the present.
  • Today’s life is full of stress, which further influences our day to day activities. Meditation helps in reducing stress by affecting your nervous system. Meditation reduces the production of stress related hormones like cortisol and increases the production of good chemicals like serotonin.
  • Sound sleep is very important for the proper functioning of the body. When your mind works faster than required, you do not get proper sleep. Regular meditation helps in relieving stress and thus improves the quality of sleep.
  • Less stress means more happiness. You will live a happier and healthier life with meditation.
  • People suffering from anxiety and depression must mediate daily for 15-20 mins. Mediation also helps in controlling anger.
  • Meditation enhances energy gain from inner sources.
  • You live a disciplined life and cultivate good habits.
  • Improved concentration is the result of meditation.
  • It is believed that meditation improves the immune system and thereby helps in controlling blood pressure and lowering blood cholesterol.
  • Meditation slows down aging.
  • Meditation provides emotional stability.
  • By making meditation a routine, a consciousness develops and gradually you will reach a point of highest consciousness.
  • It will help you learn about yourself as well as the mysteries of life. It will give meaning to your life.