Living next door to a Psychotic Possessed Woman

Have you ever lived next door to a psychotic possessed woman? Well I have and that also for a time period of two years. The place where I used to live before was a first floor corner house. Right next to it was another house whose kitchen was adjacent to ours. The first few months living in the house was peaceful, but gradually we noticed lots of arguments and fighting going on.

One night, while I was sleeping in the drawing room, I got up to the sound of an argument happening at 3 am. People say spirits are most active at 3 in the morning. I literally woke up to the sound of a woman shrieking and shouting “Khoon pee lungi tera” (I’ll drink your blood). Imagine hearing this while you are sleeping. I literally jumped out of the bed and noticed that the sound was coming from our neighbour’s house. The psychotic threats and clash of utensils went on till 4:30 am in the morning and just when I thought it over the woman came to kitchen and started singing in a low scary type of sound. The singing will really send shivers down your spine. It was nothing like a normal person singing. From that moment I decided not to sleep in the drawing room any more.

Another incident was, when my mom got up to have a glass of water at 4 am in the morning. She went to the kitchen, took a glass and suddenly she heard an evil laugh, it was like an evil lady laughing in scary movies but the way it sounded real and so close it really scared my mom and she quickly woke my dad and told him to have a look. When my dad got up it was all quiet, all he could hear were the dogs barking near by. After this incident we decided to pray regularly for the neighbours to keep the evil spirits away and it worked slowly the arguments and the fighting diminished.

I decided to find exactly who lives in that house, after asking a few people in our apartments. I came to know that they were a family of four, two daughters and parents. At first I though the possessed ones were the daughters, but found out it was the mother and guess what, she was a school teacher. If you look at her, she looks normal but she has this negative vibe about her and nobody used to talk to her because she used to pick fights with every one. She used to literally throw stuff at people. There were often broken bone china plates lying below here balcony, sometimes along with food. Maybe she didn’t feel like having food and threw it out but often people said she threw it at them and called her a lunatic.

Why I say she is a psychotic and possessed because I have dealt with such lunatic people, often people getting old tend to lose their mind, it’s a fact. But this woman was different she had already lost her mind and it was some evil controlling her every night. I say night because if you would have seen her in day she would look like any other normal person, but at night the evil that took her over would scare the crap out of you. The blood drinking, the abusive language, the threats that you will die by my knife, coming out of that same woman’s mouth is really scary. Try living two days with this person, I personally feel very concerned for the children she teaches in school. Nobody will know her evil side, except her family who look very petrified and scared. Her husband and daughters always remain quite and don’t leave the house much. I feel sad and I pray that their family gets some kind of relief from this torment.