Mobile Games Addiction, A Threat to Life of Teenagers

Mobile Games Addiction, A Threat to Life of Teenagers
A New Addiction on the Rise - Mobile Gaming
Mobile Games Addiction, A Threat to Life of Teenagers
A New Addiction on the Rise – Mobile Gaming

Participation in active sports is essential for kids for their overall development. Outdoor games provide various mental and physical health benefits, it is a vital cog for every growing child. Sports enhance social skills, creativity and imagination as well. Therefore, conscious parents always encourage their children to play outdoor games, in order to remain physically fit and mentally alert.

Digital change

At present things have changed, with the advent of the digital entertainment media. In the age of technology-driven times, and lack of grounds in the surroundings have changed the mindset of most of the kids.

Poor health of kids

Kids now like to remain glued in front of television or play games on mobile after their school. So, most of them are obese, lethargic and physically unfit. Its impact is different types of ailments, that are cropping up among these kids.

Online games spoil life

In the age of modern technology children of this generation open their eyes in the atmosphere of laptops/computers, touch-screen mobile phones and tabs. Parents allow kids to play mobile games, in order to keep them busy. It is impossible to shield them from these gadgets. However, gradual addiction to these online games, alters the mind and thinking pattern of these children. Their entire focus shifts towards games rather than studies.

Lethal games mushrooming

Several dangerous and life-threatening online games are common among the growing kids. Momo Challenge game, Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG), Blue Whale Challenge and many more have already taken many precious lives. Children behave as if they can’t live without such games. These games are played in groups and have been creating havoc in the life of teenagers.

Rising suicide

Several cases of suicide and murder have been unveiled recently in India. Couple of months ago a 15 years old boy of Bhiwandi in Thane district of Maharashtra killed his elder brother, when he just scolded him over playing PUBG game on his mobile phone.

PUBG, an addiction

Due to their hormones and adrenaline rush teenagers take harsh steps. In October 2018, a 19-year old boy in Delhi deliberately murdered his parents and sister, because they stopped him from playing PUBG. In another unusual case, when a mother scolded his 17 years old son over playing PUBG, the boy committed suicide.

Gujarat bans PUBG

Addiction of PUBG is dangerous for the youngsters. After couple of cases PUBG has been banned in the several cities of Gujarat. After several deaths due to PUBG, psychiatrists and psychologists have warned that digital addiction is harmful, and it is just like a drug addiction.

Blue Whale ends may life

Many teens and youths have committed suicide due to addiction of Blue Whale game. A 22-year old engineer in Tamil Nadu ended his life, Blue Whale Challenge game was the reason behind his death. The victim Sheshadri for the ultimate task of this game, hung himself at his home.

WB police active of Momo

Another well-known killer game is Momo Challenge game. Generally, people receive invitation from unknown contacts to play this dangerous game. West Bengal (WB) CID has advised people to report to the police in case any invitation comes. Several people ended their life due to this lethal game.

Mobile game, a ruinous

These mobile games are a demon themselves and the saddest part is that these games are still easily available. How to stop children from playing is a challenge for all of us? Youngsters have been ruining their life after indulging in this bad habit.

Immediate action

Quick action should be taken before it turns worse. First talk to children and set their time to play outdoors. This will divert their mind from these online games and their focus will shift on other creative things. Try to provide less and less access of phone to the kids.

Psychiatrist/Psychologist last choice

If nothing works, then consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. They might help these kids and convince them go to play outdoor games, which will possibly change their mental attitude. Otherwise regular access to these mobile games is dangerous, not only for the children even at times family members may have to face the consequences, the impact of such games is dreadly.

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