Pets Make The World Go Round


PetsMany a time, pet lovers get asked this question, why do you keep pets when there is enough on your plate and other aspects of life to focus on? For a pet lover, these questions seem bizarre as many cannot imagine their life without pets. For them pets are equivalent to their children. It is not just about having a pet Pomeranian dog or a pet retriever, it is about the bond each pet has with their master that makes pet lovers go crazy with love while talking about their pets. Remember the Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson-starrer Marley and Me?

Each dog is unique even if a household has two dogs of the same breed. It is about their temperament, the way they have been groomed by the masters and the environment they come from originally that gives them a unique identity. While their temperaments definitely depend of the breed, these factors too play an important role. So while one dog might be friendly, the other might be jealous or one might even be lazy and not as playful as the rest. Each has their own way of showing love. Some may be overly expressive and falling all over their master’s feet and love being petted, while the other may not like being petted too much. Just like children don’t always turn out the way parents expect them to, the same goes for pets too.

They have their ways of communicating with their master

Yet there is a charm to keeping pets. They spread positive vibes despite being mute. Their expressions and mannerisms are enough to make your heart melt. They have their ways of communicating which a master understands over a period of time, simply by observing them. Understanding basic mannerisms comes with speaking to other pet lovers and educating yourself with programmes on television and articles in magazines and on the web. It is just a matter of time that new pet owners take to understanding, training and treating their pets with compassion. As long as you are willing to be open to the idea of accepting a pet, the rest comes naturally.

There are, however, concerns over whether your house can provide enough space to house a pet. But more than space, it is whether you have a big enough heart to share your space with your pet. Of course, just like children, expect them to turn the house upside down. At the end of the day, the unconditional love they shower is worth every bit of the house going topsy turvy.

For nine-year old Kavita, dealing with her parent’s separation was anything but easy, though she always supported it. It was then that her parents decided to get her a retriever pup. Today Goldie doesn’t just keep her company, but always brings her the much needed joy. It’s Goldie’s mischievous mannerisms that makes her go fuming at her dog yet the next moment she is busy hugging her. It is the warmth and unconditional love of Goldie that has brought a smile back on her face and the spring back in her step.

On Facebook Boo the dog has his own Facebook page with lakhs of pet lovers across the world visiting the page. Boo is a miniature Pomeranian with rounded ears like a teddy bear that makes him stand out. Often you will come across picture of Boo and his companion Buddy, another Pomeranian both dressed in a funky T-Shirt, sunglasses and posing in different backdrops. But that is not where Boo’s responsibility ends. He and Buddy visit cancer stricken children at the hospital to cheer them up. Pet therapy as they call it. That one visit might just give these children something to cheer about in their otherwise painful lives.

Pets with a Facebook page 

The Grumpy cat is another pet with a Facebook page with lakhs of followers. At first, you might feel sorry for the poor feline creature to sport such a tag. But the more you see pictures of the grumpy face, the more it makes you laugh. What makes the grumpy cat stand out on Facebook are the taglines that go with the pictures. Who would have thought a dog named Boo and a Grumpy cat would have official page on Facebook with ardent followers across the globe.

The pet world is filled with crazy surprises, for some which might sound bizarre. Some people who have not grown up with pets are often scared of the four-legged creatures. What is unfortunate though is when people despise them so much to ill-treat them for no rhyme or reason. They may ask why give four-legged creatures so much importance when there are more pertinent issues to focus on? Don’t be surprised to find a pet lover tell you about his dog who has an AC room to himself and specially prepared dog or cat food flown in from another part of the country or world. Some pets also fly overseas with their owners who shift base.

At the end of the day, it is what keeps you interested about pets and being patient enough to want to let them into your mundane lives. For each owner, their pet is special, a bond that is not built in a day. Some mannerisms about them which might irk you might just end up being mannerisms that make you adore them all the more. Some of these pets touch your lives in such a way that it is difficult to get over their demise and keep another pet. But one pet can never replace the other. Like human beings, each pet has a special corner in your heart that will be theirs despite the years that go by.