Pregnancy myths in India

If you are planning to welcome your little one then be prepared as your elders at home must be all geared up to give you various kinds of instructions. Most of these instructions are nothing but myths that are related to the gender of a baby. So it is always better to follow the doctor’s advice at each step of the pregnancy to have a healthy baby. Some of the common myths related to pregnancy in India are:

Your belly shape during pregnancy determines the sex of the baby.
– As per scientists this myth does not have any scientific base. There are different things like muscle size of the women, foetus position, and amount of fat deposited around abdomen that determine the belly shape not the gender of the baby.

Craving for sweet food during pregnancy means that you will have a baby boy whereas craving for spicy food means it’s a baby girl.
– Scientists say there is no connection between the cravings and the gender of the baby.

If you are active in your pregnancy then it is a baby boy otherwise a baby girl.
– Again a Myth. If you are active and healthy it will only be good for your baby’s health and has no connection with the gender.

Eating ghee and butter during the last month of pregnancy helps in smooth delivery.
– Eating ghee and butter is not at all related to this as baby is delivered with the contraction of the uterus. Labour pains and the maternal hormones lead to these contractions not the ghee or butter.

Eat what you want to eat otherwise your baby will keep craving for the same after birth.

– There is no correlation between these.

Eating white food will make your baby fair.
– There is no relation between the two but consuming milk products is good in pregnancy for you as well as your baby’s health.

Going out during eclipse will leave birth mark on baby
– Birth marks are genetic and not controlled by the directions of the planets.

Eat for two.
– Pregnancy does not mean that you should start eating food for two people. Though you must take a balanced diet and increase your diet by ¼th portion as then you need about 300 extra calories daily.