Proud to be a woman

It gives you immense pleasure and being a woman you feel more proud by reading news on women’s achievements. Aruna Bahuguna is likely to become the first woman chief of the National Police Academy. The Academy is also known as the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) and located at Hyderabad. It trains IPS officers of our country. Aruna Bahuguna is a 1979-batch IPS officer. Presently she has been posted as the Special Director General (SDG) in the CRPF in Delhi. She was the first woman to become SDG in CRPF.

Police job needs gut as police officers are always in contact with the bad elements of the society. Also doing IPS job for a woman is not easy as you are always on duty and you may miss personal life to a great extent. Some families even think that women are not fit for this profession. But woman like Aruna Bahuguna breaks all the presumptions. To achieve success women have to look beyond the traditional roles assigned to them. They have to listen to their instinct and gut feeling.

Women achievers set examples and represent positive side of our country which is getting tarnished by misfortunes and social evils. Women should not feel miserable and always keep such examples in mind for self confidence and to fight against evil. They should not underestimate their power. Women should be proud of themselves. If no one is encouraging you then encourage yourself to achieve greater heights in life.