Punjabiyan di Battery Charge Rainde Hai

I don’t know if this happens to me only, but whenever any good Punjabi song comes on the radio when I’m driving, I push my car’s accelerator so hard that my car becomes a snake and overtakes every one. I don’t know why this happens, but I guess it’s because I’m Punjabi and it’s very natural for me to react to Punjabi music.

Over speeding is wrong I agree and as soon as I realize this, I get back into my lane. Even during weddings or in night clubs in Delhi, Punjabi music plays everywhere. Dilliwallas just can’t dance without it. I don’t recall any other musical instrument other than the “Dhol” which can get people on their feet instantly. I have a play list full of Punjabi songs on my mobile and desktop and listen to them when I’m in no mood to relax.

A few months back I got married and trust me I don’t remember any good Punjabi songs on which I didn’t dance on during those days and it is my observation that DJ’s prefer playing Punjabi songs.

The latest song Punjabiyan di Battery Charge Rainde Hai is my current favourite, as in nutshell it explains every thing about the Punjabi community. Of course when an excellent Pujabi singer, Mika and the best Punjabi rapper, Honey Singh come together then that song can even get a deaf person dancing. All I want to say is that Punjabiyan di Battery Charge Rainde Hai 24 ghantey.