The Pan-Indian Saree Goes Global

Saree Culture in India
Saree Culture in India
Saree Culture in India


Indian women are said to be the symbol of grace and reticence. The innate elegance that they possess is not only reflected in the way they lead their life but also the way they dress. For the Western world, the image of an Indian woman is that of a lady gracefully clad in a saree with a bindi on the forehead!

It’s truly feminine. It has been the symbol of Indian culture from time immemorial. The manner of draping it might have evolved over time but the saree continues to be the traditional piece of clothing for the women across India, enhancing and shaping up her personality, especially when they step out of home. Although different regions have different types of dress depending on the sub-cultures and geographical limitations, for home wear.

Indian culture and saree 

To understand the value of a saree in the Indian culture it is very essential for us to first have an idea as to what this form of dressing actually denotes. The society we live in has always expected the women to be meek and subtle in their ways. Women were ought to be covered from head to toe in order to maintain their modesty and purity at the same time revealing their magnificence. A saree thus became a denotation of female sanctity, respect and attraction. The importance of this valuable symbol can be best explained by the fact that the centuries old custom still continues to prevail in modern times.

In the earlier times, both the upper as well as the lower class women used to dress up in saree. The style of carrying them was, however, quite distinguished from one another. Most women began wearing a saree from the age of 16. At many places, it was regarded as the formal way of dressing after marriage. As the Western culture began to cast its disastrous spell on India, many of the Indian women started adopting the Western style of dressing. It was argued that this 6-yard long clothe was quite cumbersome and too delicate to carry on a daily basis. So the Western wear became their choice.

Who are the foreign celebs wearing saree 

Today more and more women are succumbing to this Western influence. The city life has just relegated our graceful saree to occasional events. Getting into a saree, well, requires a good deal of patience and practice. The younger generation seems to be in a hurry and running away from this lovely thing and its elaborate paraphernalia.

Behold! The tables are being turned! The saree is going global, indeed. It has become a craze for celebs in the West and elsewhere to wrap themselves up in one. The list is endless: Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Anna Hathaway, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba, Lady Gga, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, Anna Kournikova…

Like many other good things Indian, this traditional wear has begun to slowly influence the West. The Hollywood superstars have set the tone. But will they have the patience?