Self Improvement

The rising number of rape cases in our society proves that something is wrong at a very large and basic level. One thing is clear after the brutal rape of a five year old child in Delhi, that poverty, lack of education, revealing clothes, use of mobile phones, going out at night and late marriage are not the reasons of rape; reasons which have been cited again and again by many renowned social figures, even common people. Rape is a crime committed by sick people who are physically healthy and fine, but mentally not. A sick mentality is engulfing some men who are not in their senses and commit such heinous crimes.

The society and police are blamed, media becomes super active, protests by people and public anger is seen every time something like this happens, but without a result. Unfortunately, none of this public ire is changing society the way it should. Down the line, self control through self improvement is the need of the day, which will improve one’s life and way of thinking.

Tips for Self Improvement

Be spiritual, not to show off but in reality. Being close to God will help you to stay away from negative thoughts. Make a routine of getting up early in the morning to offer prayers. If you know how to meditate, then perform this or learn it, as meditation will help you get rid of negative and unwanted thoughts. Do not run after worldly gurus but be close to that supreme divine power. Try getting the Almighty’s positive energy.

Inspirational Environment
The environment in which you live has a profound impact on your personality and way of thinking. Even if you are living in a single room, or a small home you must create an inspirational environment. Keep it clean and put up positive thoughts on the walls, so that you can see and feel positive energy day and night.

“Honesty is the best Policy” so be honest in everything you do and say.

Be Tender
Before hurting someone else, think how would you feel if the same happened to you? Do not hurt anyone, neither physically nor emotionally. If you are a person who is not at peace then you have to train your mind for the same. Many times your mind wanders and you end up doing something wrong; morally or legally. But you have to keep your emotions under your control, rather than coming under their control.

Bring in a Routine
Routine in life is the most important aspect of self improvement. Start your day as early as possible. This will improve your life as well as productivity. Ensure you follow a routine in life.

Stop Blaming
Most of us have a habit of blaming either God, or other people for all our misfortune. It is not them but you who is responsible for everything that happens in your life. So stop blaming and accept if you are wrong. Try to improve yourself for a better life.

Set a Challenge
Setting up a challenge in life means you will work towards it and remain busy. Keeping yourself busy means not letting negative thoughts come to your mind. Healthy competition always helps in self improvement and is the best way to grow.

Quit Bad Habits
Everyone has bad habits. For self improvement you must quit bad habits. Note down all your bad habits and start working on them.

Avoid Bad Company
Your friends have a very strong impact on your personality and over a period of time, you start behaving like them. Negative thoughts grow profoundly if you are surrounded by bad company. Identify such people around you and avoid them.

Do not Watch Obscenity
It is better not to watch TV, or any other form of the media as it is full of obscenity. Some people get influenced by obscenity to such an extent that they keep on thinking about it for days at a stretch. With such polluted thoughts in their mind,  they do what they should not. So stay away from obscenity.

If you are successful in controlling your mind, then self improvement is not a difficult thing as it follows mind control.