Shame On Us

This time it is not an iron rod, but candles and a 200 ml water bottle that has been found inside of a five year old girl. The girl has been allegedly raped by her neighbor in Gandhi Nagar in East Delhi, not once, but for two whole days. The girl was rescued from the ground floor of the same building where she resides, after two days of torture and admitted to AIIMS. Her condition is said to be critical. She is only five year old.

This is nothing, but monstrous behavior by some people in our so called civilized society. Humans are becoming ruthless animals. Even animals don’t behave like this and are far better than humans. Such people have no right to be called humans. If this is what we call development and civilization, then probably the time when man was not civilized was far better.

Along with society, law and order is again under a questionable position. If one is found guilty, then there should be no trial and hearing, but a very strict punishment should be given. How can one have the courage to commit such an inhumane act, when a few months ago Delhi and the entire country was boiling with the same rage in the middle of a freezing winter? The reason is that not even a single strict law has been put in place so far. The media was banned from covering the December gang rape case and public anger was curbed.

Today a lot of men seem to be infected by the virus of immorality and looks like there is no solution to this problem. From where does one start, nothing seems to make sense at this point. How can one change the psychology of mentally sick people, who exist in every region and section of society?

This is a big shame for all of us, especially Delhi, which has infamously become the crime capital of India.

Recently, renowned political leader, Sushma Sawaraj made a very bold statement on the recent rape case in which she strongly demanded a death penalty for the culprit, especially because a minor is involved. She said that people living with such a sick mentality need shock treatment that can only be given through death penalty. They should be hanged without a delay, to set an example and may be then we can see a change in society. According to Swaraj there has been an 80% rise in rape cases recently.