Stringent law can make India a better place

In a recent drive carried out against signal-jumping, Pune police has fined 621 for jumping traffic signals and also recommended the suspension of licences of about 153 offenders who not only jumped the traffic lights but were also driving very rashly. The traffic drive was carried out on two roads – the Pune-Mumbai highway and roads near University of Pune. It is expected that the Regional Transport (RTO) will not be lenient in suspending the licences to teach others a lesson. At the same time RTO must act promptly without a delay. Even the public has welcomed the drive and urged to have more such drives and that too frequently. Two years ago, the RTO had suspended the licenses of more than 2000 people for driving rashly. Trafficop, the mobile governance project assisted the police in finding repeat offenders at that time.

I feel that such things should be a part of our system. Strictness is the only solution to bring all in line. Without such stringency, most of the people have the tendency of not following the traffic rules. No one seems to have enough patience to stop when the traffic lights are red. People often jump red lights which lead to road accident. Driving at more than prescribed speed limit is another problem. So such drives must be carried out in every city of India. If this will be a regular practice rather than a yearly or so then public will become more cautious. They will have the fear of fine or license suspension. Public must abide to these rules as rules are not to break but to follow for a peaceful and long life.

Do you think strictness can bring the desired change in India?

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