The so called Juveniles of India

India in books is known as the land of spirituality, culture and possessing a rich heritage where childhood is innocent, youth has vigor and the aged are respected. Do you think these words and feelings really define our present day India? The answer from my side is very blunt and that is NO. India is no longer like this any more  There is rape, crime, disrespect, and women fear going out in the evening alone, corruption etc, etc.

While reading the newspaper today, I read that a class ten student raped a five year old girl in Hyderabad. Not only this but there are more and more news of crimes by juveniles like robbery, theft, murder etc. Even the police reports are showing an increase in crime rates as well as number of juveniles involved in these cases in different cities of India. Though these news are not new but after that big gang rape case of Delhi in Dec-12 such news really force you to think that where are we heading and are these juveniles of India have any right to be called juveniles. The act that they are doing is not at all close to innocence to which we relate their age. So anyone doing such heinous acts should be treated as the same irrespective of his or her age.

But what is the reason behind such a negative change in the society. Why India that was known as a culturally rich sovereign is setting an example just opposite to its past glory. Though environment, restlessness in mind, media are shaping the mindset but it is the family that plays a major role in shaping the future. I have seen many people lying on a  day to day basis for one thing or the other. Their kids learn and spread in the same in the society. So our one wrong act definitely creates a wrong human being forever and then we blame the society and country as whole if anything goes wrong. So we have to act now to bring the change.

In order to succeed in the mission of changing the society, mindset of child, juveniles and youth needs a big transformation. We have to stop the blame game and criticizing others. Though it is not a one day’s task but will take time if initiated with clear understanding of the kind of change required and goals. The change will have to start at root level means at individual and family level and then proceeds towards the society as a whole. Very clear cut objectives and ways to tackle life at individual and family level has to be set while rearing the kids. Tell yourself the definition of right and wrong as there is no definition of Universal Right before teaching your kids.

Once you have planted the seed of correcting the society, spread your words, make your family and friends aware of the change that is required. Use social media to spread this. Then it will not be only you but ‘We’ who will be participating in the change. Keep the spirits high even there are hurdles on the way and be consistent.

India which will develop after this change would then be true to its bookish words i.e. it will be spiritual, full of cultural values and with rich heritage. The so called juveniles of India will then be innocent and will have only one direction of taking India further.