Think before you like on Facebook, will you?

If you can’t like you cannot do Facebook. No here I don’t mean to say you have to like Facebook, you have to like to ‘like’. That small word which was all these days associated with our hearts has taken a 360 degree change and has become a matter of mind. How? Well if you like this then you like that and if you like that then you will like this. The logic is so much used by Facebook to target the audience for its advertisers and moreover when you like A’s post, B will think you did not like B’s post and C would think why is it universally ignored. So here creeps in another unique situation that of jealousy or competition or whatever you want to name this scenario but the fact remains this exists.

But now the like has got a new dimension and how. Now the researchers are after your likes. They would try to predict your gender, age, race, and political affiliation, all through your Facebook likes. They would even try to diagnose some of the personality traits like intelligence,how satisfied you are with life, emotional quotient with what you ‘like’. So this is boiling down to psychoanalysis. Earlier your likes and dislikes used to tell people what kind of person you are. Now since you show your likes on Facebook it means that would tell experts about you and then you would be bombarded with offers and promotions and the stuff. It is all commercial again.

What happens to those who are panicking about Facebook graph search and trying whatever they can to restore privacy. This is something like you walk on the road, and you want everyone to believe you didn’t walk there. Yes privacy is important and to certain level you should protect it but at the same time there is no reason to get hyper about graph search that people will find you. You should wholeheartedly support Facebook’s initiative to let strangers discover you through your interests. I am not sure how this search will at all work as I am yet to get it as of now. But I am sure this is going to ensure panic attacks among some of the people. My advice to them, please delete your account as you can restrict people from seeing your posts but how do you stop Facebook from analyzing your likes. Can you? And on second thought there are people in there too. When you started using internet you are anyway sharing data about your likes to Big Daddy Google and lesser mortals or search engines Yahoo and Bing. So why this pandemonium about Facebook? Will you press the like button here?