What is the definition of being busy?

I am busy right now. How often have we heard this sentence. Chances are we may not have any count of that. Do we love being busy?  Of course we don’t but sometimes it gives us solace from so many external factors which try to break the harmony in our space. Like if you are working and you are engrossed fully in how to do that task in the most efficient manner, you would not of course like interruptions. The moment there is something like that you would say that you are busy and can’t attend to anything. You are busy that is obviously true and so you don’t want any disturbances. But what if there is a pleasant interruption, would you say you are busy? A call from a friend whom you have not met for a long time, a visit by a loved one, then you would try to wrap up the work and say to that person that let me just finish the work as soon as possible so that I can spend time with you.

So being busy is a state of mind? Are we actually busy or it is a relative phenomenon and shows its effect in coordination with the factors associated with that situation? We live busy lives but are we actually busy with life? Or we just skip life’s moments, try to fast forward or rewind it and miss the moments happening right now?  If we are busy with life we would have time for everything and if we have busy lives then we will have time only for somethings.

Sometimes people say that it is good that you are busy as idle mind is devil’s workshop but the fact is are we that busy to do away with the negative thoughts. Then the one’s who are busy would not have been stressed as their minds would have been free from any uncomfortable thoughts. Working and being busy are they two different things or one? That is also something to ponder over then how the successful people seem to have time for everything. It is said you lead your life well when you have everything on your platter and being forcefully busy is not an option in that. Yes you may express your inability to do something right away but you will come back to  that thing once you complete the urgent assignment you are in. Sometimes you would stop doing what you are doing and attend to the interruption as that may be more important thing to do. But in both the cases you are not busy, are you? So when we say we are busy does that actually mean that or there are some hidden notes?