Why Kids Love Cartoons So Much?

Let us go back in time and recall those carefree days of our childhood. Those days were full of imagination and dreams. Fun never ends is the “funda” of childhood. To have fun, kids indulge in different activities like playing, drawing, and even fighting with their siblings. Above all these fun activities, kids love to watch television, especially cartoons. It becomes really difficult to move them from their seat while they are watching their favorite cartoon shows.

My son is four and a half years old and his fondness for cartoons is growing by the day. After watching his favorite cartoon show like Chota Bheem, Doremon and Mickey Mouse etc, he narrates the stories to me, explains the characters and even forces me to sit with him to watch them. While watching cartoons he neither cries nor asks for anything as he is so engrossed in them. But why do almost all kids love cartoons so much? Let us find out.

Cartoons just like kids, narrate innocent stories. These have nothing to do with the hardships of real life, out of the world emotions, drama and facts. Cartoons create a world to which kids can relate to. The extraordinary energy and powers of the main cartoon character makes them a favorite among kids. Also, the victory of good over bad allures the kids to a great extent.

Technical enhancements, special effects and storyline fascinate kids to a great extent. Twists and turns in the story not only attract kids but many adults as well. Kids love funny things and cartoons provide them all of that. Apart from this, color, voice, and the adventures indulged in by their favorite cartoon characters are all developed to capture the interest of the children.

Sound effects plays a major role in creating this attraction. You must have noticed that kids remember all the title songs of their favorite cartoon shows.

Also the futuristic settings along with unseen things of certain cartoons make them a favorite among kids.

Most of the cartoon shows like Mickey Mouse have become quiet interactive these days. They provide learning with fun. This sort of engagement in which children become part of what they watch and do, is one of the reasons of the popularity of cartoons.

Super powers possessed by cartoon characters are also the reason why children are so fascinated by them. The main cartoon character has a solution to all problems and cartoons always have a happy ending, unlike movies or serials for adults.

Hence, kids and cartoons are inseparable, so keep enjoying your favorite cartoon shows.