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He was a driver to a former President of India A P J Abdul Kalam but he no longer works as a driver as now he is a lecturer in one of the colleges at Tamil Nadu. He got so inspired by the inspirational talks of A P J Abdul Kalam, which he used to get while driving his car that he sat for his 10th Board exam. Earlier he had given up studies because of family problems and his father’s death.

Mr Kalam while working at the Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDL) in Hyderabad had a driver named Kathiresan. During his tenure he had inspired his driver to complete his studies. His inspiration was so strong that even when Mr Kalam had left that place and came to Delhi his words kept on inspiring his last driver to do something in life. His words fulfilled the dreams of Kathiresan. He completed not only his basic studies but done Phd and got a job as lecturer.

Such is the power of great words, personalities and true inspiration. A real positive attitude brought in by these can change your fate. It no longer lets you live a life in poverty but you can achieve great success if you are inspired to achieve something great in life. Instead of giving up face the challenge. Choose to act instead of leaving everything.

Then we have another example of great inspiration and sense of possibility. This proves that dreams are not just to see but to fulfill. Recently Prema Jayakumar has cleared her chartered accountancy exam in first attempt and that too by topping in this exam. Not only this but she has also inspired his brother to clear the same exam. She is not from a very well-to-do family but a daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver. She lives in a chawl in Mumbai. His father came to the city from Tamil Nadu in search of a better life. With meager money he managed his three kids. But kids instead of living a normal life dreamt big and did hard work to achieve these.

Achievements of this kind really prove that you do not need enough resources but determination and focus to achieve your goal. Amidst of turmoil, such determination still exists in India. Hard work does pay off to give a flourishing life. These inspirational stories have one thing in common that is a successful person does not to rely on anyone for success but on himself or herself and hard work. You can also outperform if you have zeal for the same.

We have also seen another set of people who keep on blaming their circumstances for all their miseries. One of the reasons for not getting great in life is that they believe more in fate than hard work. Each one of us has just 24 hrs in a day and success depends upon how we utilize these. So be your own inspiration and set a goal, always remain focus to achieve that and reach where you want to. Do hard work for all that success in life.

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