How to Observe National Student-Athlete Day During The Lockdown

How to Observe National Student-Athlete Day During The Lockdown
National Student-Athlete Day (NSAD)
How to Observe National Student-Athlete Day During The Lockdown
National Student-Athlete Day (NSAD)

National Student-Athlete Day (NSAD) is observed annually on April 6 to create an opportunity to recognise the sporting talent among the students. The day was founded by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NACAS) in 1987 to provide a platform to high school and college student-athletes who have done exceptionally well in academics and sports.

This year, due to nation-wide lockdown, NSAD will not be celebrated in the schools or colleges as they are closed. However, there are many ways to come together to continue living the spirit of sportsmanship. Get in touch with your friends and teachers and create an online sports quiz contest. You can paint and create your motivation experiences to help others stay fit and healthy.

Why is it necessary to do this?

Sports bring discipline

Participation in sports always brings discipline to the students, who are the future of their communities, schools and colleges in a significant way. Many student-athletes take responsibility and serve society splendidly and become a role model for others. As some of the athletes and sports personalities are serving in the ongoing deadly COVID-19. The NSAD programme inspires three sections – families, educational institutions and communities to assist their student-athletes in achieving their goals and aspirations in every sphere of life.

A platform for upcoming athletes

On this day, colleges and university athletes actively participate in track and field events in the presence of the national office staff, athletics administrators and local youths. Students try to excel in their performances. Several unknown faces emerge as an extraordinary talent. Later, they are selected for high-level coaching.

Encourage social service

This event is an excellent platform for the budding athletes to catch the eyes of administrators and make athletics their career along with studies. However, many raw talents are recognised who can later represent the country in some significant events. Apart from this, some social service like distribution of nutritious meal packages takes place for malnourished children and their families on this day as well.

How to Celebrate National Student-Athlete Day

  • Invite eminent athletes and other sportspersons who can share their on-field experience to motivate the student-athletes to excel in sports and study.
  • Former athletes must tell the student-athletes how to cope with stress and care about your injury. Besides this, encourage them to excel in an academic career and spend a good social life.
  • Some NGOs must participate in the student-athlete event, and they should come forward and help the poor talented youngsters so that they can excel and bring laurels for the country.

Meanwhile, this National Student-Athlete Day needs attention and help from the Central and state governments. Extensive media coverage is essential so that people can be aware of the day and encourage more and more students to participate in this annual function.