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A few days back, during the Ranji Trophy quarterfinals there was a major row before Uttar Pradesh’s match against Karnataka. The UP coach had wanted seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the team before the all-important clash in which his team ultimately came second best. He had even asked BCCI to allow him to play but the request was turned down on the ground that the players needed to rest having toured South Africa recently and also [...]

The Baroda team is based out of Vadodara, a city in Gujarat. It plays its home matches at the Moti Bagh Stadium and the governing body of this team is the Baroda Cricket Association. From 2000 onwards, Baroda has been one of the most prominent teams in the Ranji Trophy. The team was traditionally known for its cricketers during the initial years of the premier first class tournament of India and, of late, has witnessed [...]

The northeastern state of Assam is known better for its unmatched natural splendor and Assam tea than for the exploits of its cricketers. The strength of the Assam cricket team can be gauged from the fact that in the last few years it has featured primarily in the Plate division, or the lower strata, if you will, of the Ranji Trophy since the system was started in India. The zonal system was in force till [...]

The Andhra Pradesh cricket team has been, over the years, not one of the significant achievers in Indian domestic cricket. The team represents the whole of Andhra Pradesh with the exception of Hyderabad that has its own cricket team playing in the various domestic competitions in India. The team normally plays its home games at the APCA-VDCA Stadium that is located in Vishakhapatnam. However, the team also plays a couple of games at Anantapur and [...]

I am sure that many of us must have heard of so and so team winning the Ranji Trophy during March-April when reports of riveting finals appear with coverage of India’s home test matches and previews of IPL teams in the newspapers and sometimes in the electronic media as well. I am also pretty sure that most of us know it is the premier first class competition in the country – the breeding ground for [...]

It is not really hard to say that Indian domestic cricket is not that good – it is clearly not at par with the domestic competitions of countries like Australia and South Africa or England for that matter. The system cannot be completely faulted though as it has produced some champion cricketers over the years. However, I do think some changes could be made to the existing structure. It is not surprising to see that [...]