Myths Vs Truth – Wi-Fi and 5G and Health Effects

Wifi 5G vs Health

What is Wi-FI?

Wi-Fi or WLAN is a wireless network technology. It provides Internet connectivity to laptops, smartphones, or other electronic devices. Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic radiation radiations to transfer data back and forth between devices. These radiations are called electromagnetic fields or EMFs.

Many people have raised concerns about these EMF radiations and the health problems they’re causing, such as cancer. However, no conclusive evidence is available for tumours now; Wi-Fi poses other health risks.

Cancer-causing Wi-Fi?

In a 2011 study, the WHO cancer research agency stated that electromagnetic fields could be carcinogenic to humans (Carcinogenic means substance that can cause cancer). However, scientists haven’t found a middle ground over this argument yet. Some believing, EMFs can cause brain tumours, and others stating there has been no clear evidence relating EMFs to brain tumours.

What other risks does Wi-Fi pose?

• Male infertility: Exposure to these radiations for a long time in rats proved to reduce their reproductive function.

• Neurodegeneration: Wi-Fi can impair a person’s cognitive function. It decreases their brain capabilities and functionalities.

All these results are based on animal testing, and no conclusive evidence is available to prove the same results in humans.

Myths about Wi-Fi usage

As the research around Wi-Fi and its effects on health went on, people created more and more myths and thus started rumours. Again with no real evidence, people connected the usage of Wi-Fi with diseases such as Autism, skin cancer, headaches, delusional thinking, nauseous feeling, and even mental health disorders.

What is 5G?

5G, also known as fifth-generation, is another type of wireless technology for mobile networks. It is pretty new compared to Wi-Fi. 5G was first launched in 2019. Ever since its launch, many rumours have surrounded this technological advancement.

5G is a faster way of communication. 5G won’t just let you watch YouTube at high resolution with no buffering, and it will also open pathways to other technological progress such as:

Virtual reality, telemedicine, self-driving cars etc., 5G uses higher ranges of electromagnetic frequencies. These very electromagnetic frequencies are also used in daily home appliances such as microwaves, computers, power grids.

Myths surrounding 5G

A significant myth around 5G is the coronavirus conspiracy. According to many, the COVID-19 pandemic is just a cover for 5G technology, the vaccines for coronavirus contain microchips of 5G. All these are myths and shouldn’t be given any attention. 5G is a revolutionary new technology that will change the way we perceive technology and the Internet.