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Do you get India? Do you get Elections or Cricket? QizWiz
As the name suggests - Are you a Quizzing Wizard?
Qizwiz is a quizzing app on questions related to ICC Cricket World Cup of 2019
Qizwiz – A Quizzing App

Here is the link to download QiZWiz App for Android Devices. https://bit.ly/2LNG8S0

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Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it keeps the world alive. And to satiate that appetite, QizWiz is here. An app put together by knowledge enthusiasts and tech savants. We aim to bring quizzing to everyone, and everyone to quizzing.

We started off with a quiz on the 2019 General Elections of India. That festival is over, at least for the near future.

Get ready for the next quadrennial festival, the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. Over the next two months, pit your wits against the best, your friends, family and colleagues, or anyone else who is willing to play.

Do you know the venues, those who have starred in the tournament, the superstars and the immortals? How about the winners, the ‘almost theres’ or the ones who never had a chance? How about the Cinderella stories of India in 1983 and Sri Lanka in 1996? What about Australia’s run from the 1999 World Cup to the Quarter Finals of 2011?

Someone will lift the trophy on July 14, 2019.

You too can earn your laurels, flash your stripes and challenge your friends, colleagues, and family. Or anybody and everybody who is willing to play.

What’s more? There are a lot of goodies to be won.

So, start early and download the App now. https://bit.ly/2LNG8S0