Takeaways From Recent Twitter-Google Partnership

Twitter Google partnership

Twitter Google partnershipGoogle, the undisputed king of web search, teamed up with Twitter. The news of this partnership came out in February but the integration started rolling out on mobile webpage in the United States only recently. Soon, it would expand largely to desktop and the new feature would be made available in other countries.

As the new developments suggest, Google will now have access to Twitter’s stream of tweets popularly known as Firehose. The firehose hosts over 9,000 tweets per second. Searching anything recent on Google will now fetch tweets as well. Incredible news for Google users! All the important tweets will now be indexed for users to find quickly.

If you start searching on Google with a specific term, related tweets will start coming up on Google search pages along with news articles. If you search with a hashtag i.e. including ‘#’ in front of any keyword, tweets will appear in a sideways-scrollable box.

This initiative will multiply Google’s real-time search options and enhance Twitter’s user engagement. Yes, there is a huge overlap between Google and Twitter users. But actually, both will reap profit from this alliance. However, this is one of those rare partnerships that benefit the users first, and the companies later.

How Users Will Benefit?

  1. Once a user taps a tweet, he can directly navigate to Twitter to view the tweet for additional information.
  2. Tweets are now a part of accessible answer to any query.
  3. Most of the tweets are often full of updated information and Google is all about current information that respects immediacy.
  4. Users will get exposure on a global scale which will enrich their content.
  5. Users don’t need to follow anybody on Twitter in order to see the tweets. Instead, tweets will enter the public searchable domain of Google.
  6. Google indexing tweets does not definitely ensure that all the tweets will be reflected. Your tweets must contain correctly optimised content. Words remain most important.

Win-Win Situation for Both Google and Twitter

Google gets a fantastic new feature – real-time content. The search results pages will become dynamic. The users will think more highly of the search engine and apparently use it more.

Twitter has always been an app-centric and mobile-first messaging platform. This integration with Google results will increase in its organic reach. It can convert all this new traffic into users and utilise the opportunity of more tweet views taking place on platforms outside Twitter. According to a Google official, it’s another way for Twitter “to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments”.

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