What Is The Vehicle Location Tracking System?

Being a digital application, the Location tracking system is faster than any information resource.

Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur has launched a vehicle location tracking device, an emergency panic button system for transport vehicles and a command control centre. The exciting thing in all of these is that by doing so, Himachal Pradesh has become the first state in the whole country. Apart from a vehicle location tracking system, a website of the same is also being inaugurated.

According to Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, “The state has pioneered in implementing this project which was a matter of pride. He also believes that “People of state, by and large, are peace-loving, respect each other and the law, but still the government was determined to protect women and children.” To learn more about vehicle location tracking system and their advantages, We have to look at the basic working and the uses of vehicle location tracking system.

What is the vehicle location tracking system?

The vehicle location tracking system is an emergency panic button connected with emergency response support system 112. The main purpose of establishing a vehicle location system is to detect the theft of vehicles and vehicle accidents. Once the panic button is pressed, A signal will be received by satellite 112, which will alert the police of the area. This initiative was taken under the “Digital India programme” to keep the roads safe and secure for passers-by and travellers.

Advantages Of launching Vehicle Location Tracking System:

1. Recovery of theft vehicles

Suppose a vehicle location tracking device is installed in any vehicle. In that case, It will be possible and easy to find the theft vehicle in time, and it can also be recovered stolen vehicle by tracking the device.

Chief Minister Jairam Thakur stated, “By the coordination of the emergency response support system and police, it will be an easy process to recover the stolen vehicle through tracking by satellite.”

2. Accurate Information 

Vehicle location tracking system not only helps to recover the stolen vehicle but also works as a helping hand in rescuing. This system would provide prompt and accurate information at the time of any emergencies. Be it any accident.

It is proved that this tracking system helps faster than any resource and can work better in case of any delay regarding the information of accidents. This has also set an example where in Kullu, several people died due to delay in the information of accidents and to regard people who were stuck.

3. Faster Service 

Being a digital application, the Location tracking system is faster than any information resource. With the help of a vehicle location tracking system, one can be more predictable regarding real-time tracking information and other minute details.

4. Low Maintenance Cost 

Vehicle location tracking systems are easy to maintain and equipped with advanced telematic features such as vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, and engine temperature indicators.

Not only this, but vehicle location tracking systems are also easily accessible. As every coin has two sides, using the vehicle location tracking system also has several disadvantages. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the technical usage of the tracking system.

1. Technical Usage of Vehicle Location tracking system 

To use the vehicle location tracking system, one must be technically knowledgeable, as it demands.

2. Misuse of Tracking System 

This device can be used to track people without their prior knowledge. Vehicle Location Tracking Device can be placed in any vehicle of the targeted person so that the victim’s location can be known at all times. This is the same method used by security forces but for personal gains or any nefarious and criminal purposes, such as stalking, burglary, kidnapping, and murder.