10 Things You Must Indulge in on a Trip to Kerala

Things to do in Kerala
Things to do in Kerala

Things to do in Kerala

A place where the empyrean beauty of nature and the eccentric mankind can reside together in harmony has to be God’s own country! The pristine state of Kerala is one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. The lush greenery and the fresh atmosphere that fosters in this place is hard to find in any part of the country. This celestial magnificence of the state makes it the most sought after tourist destination in South India. Kerala is a rich state, not just in terms of its beauty but also taking into the account the exuberance of its culture. Since its not possible to relish all its colors in just one visit, today I will tell you about some of the most interesting things one should definitely not miss in the first visit!

1. Homestay in Kerala

The first and the foremost thing to do in Kerala is to experience the fun of a homestay in the state. This will give you a good insight of the local culture and lifestyle of Kerala.

2. The Power of Ayurveda

You are in the most rejuvenating place in the country and therefore, you ought to take a soothing massage! The Aurvedic healing system available in Kerala has been popularized all over the world.

3. Explore the Sandalwood Forests

The Sandalwood Forests at Marayoor are a true piece of history in the state. The Stone-age rock paintings and caves in these forests take you back to the pre-historic period.

4. Bamboo Rafting

Riding a boat is a very common thing; try the exciting bamboo rafting through the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to experience a unique rendezvous with the wildlife.

5. Fishing in a Chinese way

Chinese fish nets were introduced by a Chinese ruler in Kerala. This is a very unique method used for fishing and is used by the Keralites to earn their livelihood.

6. Climb up Tree House

As children we have all seen it a cartoon and imagined living in it someday. Kerala gives you a chance to fulfill your childhood dream.

7. Watch Kalaripayattu and Kathakali Performance

Kalaripayattu is one of the most ancient forms of Martial Arts specially practicesd in Kerala and Kathakali is the traditional dance form of the state. Watching both of them proves to be extremely entertaining.

8. Sip in a Glass of Toddy

Toddy is an important part of Kerala’s celebrations. It is an intoxicating coconut drink which is very sweet in taste. Sip in some and feel the magic!

9. Houseboats in the Backwaters

Sail down the backwaters in the mesmeric houseboats at Alleppey, the Venice of the East.

10. Spend Time with the Elephants

An elephant is an integral part of the traditional culture of Kerala. Here, you can not only enjoy long rides sitting over them but also get to know them closely.