Anjuna in Goa – A Place where Life Dwells, Parties and Celebrates

Anjuna Beach in Goa
Anjuna Beach, Anjuna, North Goa
Anjuna Beach in Goa
Anjuna Beach, Anjuna, North Goa

Location: North Goa District, Bardez, Goa

Actually a small village in Goa, for those who have been there, Anjuna is a place where Life dwells, parties and celebrates. It is considered to be one of the most happening places in Goa. Located near Mapusa, it is most easily and cheaply accessible by bus via Kadamba or you can hire an auto, taxi, motor cycle or a scooty straight from Mapusa to Anjuna.

Anjuna Market near the Anjuna Beach is a place no one can risk to escape. The flea market is fun to shop from and is said to be started by Hippies. Pick up funky clothes, accessories, oxidized jewellery and souvenirs from here every Wednesday (morning till dawn); that is when the flea market is open. You would find more of foreigners here, keen to buy stuff from these vendors and thus, you need to be prepared to wear your bargaining hats while dealing and negotiating with them.

The beach in itself may not be the best that Goa has to offer but is surrounded by some popular night clubs with top-grade music and ambiance. Best is to walk and play around the beach side rather than dipping into its water or having a swim because of sharp rocks around in the region. But, these red rocks actually add to the charm of Anjuna beach.

Feast upon some traditional cuisines and street food in the little cafes scattered around the market. Nights are full of life and music. Views of the beach are mesmerizing from the market. You will also find some great tattoo studios near the beach for that permanent memento etched onto yourselves.

There is a walk-in Yoga centre, Brahmani Centre where you just need to go fifteen minutes before for the session and reserve a place for yourself and then you can enjoy and rejuvenate. Apart from its beaches, Goa is also famous for its churches. St Michael’s Church in Anjuna is popular in the area.

Anjuna has all essential facilities for accommodation, eateries and ATM’s. One needs to be safe and cautious about their belongings, avoid travelling alone at night and carry mosquito repellents.

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