Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa

Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa
Arvalem Waterfalls: The Ideal Location for a Blissful Solitude
Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa
Arvalem Waterfalls: The Ideal Location for a Blissful Solitude

Location: Arvalem, North Goa

A thunderous spurt of water beautifully cascading down a rocky terrain of a mountain!  This is the picture of the splendrous Arvalem Waterfalls in Goa. Popularly known as the Harvalem Waterfalls, it is located at Arvalem, around 9 km from Bicholim, North Goa. With water falling headlong from a height of 70 meters, it makes up for an absolutely breathtaking view.

The Arvalem waterfall is at its glorious best right after the monsoon, with eye-catching beauty that exhilarates the tourists. A huge lake is formed at the bottom which is much popular amongst the swimmers. The color of the waterfall becomes muddy brown because of the monsoon rains and the water flow is quite less. The area has lush greenery all around it with fruit laden trees adding to the beauty of the scenery.

The Arvalem waterfall is one of the most crowded tourist spots in Goa. The Government has, therefore, developed a park at the site where one can peacefully sit and adore the charisma of the waterfall. In the vicinity of the waterfall lies the temple of Rudreshwar which holds great importance for the Hindus.  Another major attraction of this place is the rock-cut caves that give it a historical touch and are also popular amongst the film-makers.

The astounding charm of this secluded place with a mesmerizing view of water descending into the lapse of mother nature, makes this place an ideal location for rejuvenating the soul.

How to reach:  A number of buses are available from Mapusa and Panaji to Arvalem. KTC bus station at Mapusa is nearest to the Arvalem waterfalls. A taxi or a motorbike can also be hired from Mapusa, Panaji or Margao to reach the waterfall.

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