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Ayodhya Hills in West Bengal: Where Lord Ram was exiled

March 26, 2014
Ayodhya Hills in Bengal

Ayodhya Hills in Bengal

Location Purulia District, West Bengal

The legendary figures of the Hindu Mythology, Lord Ram and Sita, stayed here during their exile and the presence of Sita Kund validates this truth. These are the Ayodhya Hills in the Purulia District of West Bengal. Extensions of the Eastern Ghats range, these hills are an abode of several deep forests and beautiful waterfalls.

Life sustains in the Ayodhya Hills, where a cluster of tribal villages and wildlife can be found in abundance. Rising 700 meters above the sea-level, the hills are blessed with untouched pristine beauty that captivates the soul immensely. Trekking and Rock-clambering are two activities popular among the tourists at the Ayodhya Hills.

For Lord Ram and Sita, this place might have been the place of exile, but for people today it is no less than a whimsical paradise.


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