Best Cities 2018 – Places and Cultures that Impress

Best Indian Cities 2018 Map

Best Indian Cities 2018 Map

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the quality of the place we live in. Some like their lifestyle to be challenging and fast, while some prefer it to be cool and easy-going. What would you like?  Every city is different. Here are cities chosen from the Annual Survey of India’s City Systems (ASICS) that ranked the best cities in India for the year 2018. Read on and find your city soulmate.

1. New Delhi

New Delhi

Food, fashion, and fun – anyone who knows or have lived here a little know Dilli is for those who live with an open heart. This is also the seat of government, which means the city is development-bound and it has nowhere but up to go on the progress graph. There’s an ever-evolving metro, spreading malls & stalls, and richly savoured fast foods. Plus, the city has been under the rule of the Mughal empire for long, the glimpse of which can be seen today as well in the architecture. Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Bara Gumbad, and so many more, stand as testimony to the glorious era. Lastly, don’t forget to know the people here, you’ll have whole another level of experience, which you’ll love.

2. Bengaluru


There’s a start-up culture, there’s a rocking nightlife, and then there are neat and clean roads with wonderful bus services. And, there is no need to say how big of an IT hub this silicon valley is. There is an elite crowd with good taste in food and arts. Just mingle with people here and you’ll find yourself laughing your heart out at stand-up comedies, relishing on the world-class cuisine, and joining poetry clubs with all the newly-found interests you never knew you had.

Secondly, what India gets heat for is the lack of women empowerment. But, not in this city. One can wear clothes of their choice, wander at nights and no one would bat an eye. Plus, here you’ll find women comfortable in occupations which are rather not stereotypical for the fairer sex, such as a cab driver. The fear is not there.

Lastly, the city is located at high altitude which makes it naturally blessed with good weather. Plus, it can drizzle at anytime, something you’ll adore.

3. Hyderabad


This is one city where you keep on stepping back and forth into the old world of mosques and Indo-Islamic architecture and newly commercialising IT colonies. The few first things that attract people here is the inexpensive stay and a heavily webbed & interconnected transport system. It is also the city of contrasts. While at one end, there is an elite party culture scene, then at another there is a blooming IT sector. Here are the development centres for Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Apple, something which even IT hub Bengaluru doesn’t have. In addition, it is slowly becoming the breeding ground for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. That just means more and more job opportunities. And, Hyderabad has one thing which New Delhi doesn’t. It’s the safety. There is a very low crime rate, less racism, and fewer offences against women. The city of pearls also enjoys a very pleasant weather. With good schools, low pollution levels, and a crowd of friendly and humble people, the city covers the basics. Moving on to the luxuries, food is one thing it is popular for besides the all over specked tourist destinations. Whether it’s the Haleem or Hyderabadi Biryani, or the class fancy dining the city is known for, people here are known for their modish taste. The city of Nawabs is slowly moving towards an all-encompassing kernel of India.

4. Mumbai


There is the rush, there is an overwhelming crowd, but there is also endless inexhaustible warmth in the people. But, that is better than being in hostile less-populated neighbourhoods. While there could be downsides, the best part is that the city keeps you at your toes. You feeling bored? It has an effervescent nightlife and sea, spending time by which magically solves all your problems. You feeling down? It’ll help you get over fast with the fast and quick life it has. It is not called the city that never sleeps for no reason, after all. And, the monsoon. Despite the troubles of jams and floods, Mumbaikars love it and even wait for it with their heart.

And, it’s no news the city is the ostensible destination for anyone filled with dreams. Whether it’s an onerous artistic career or making something for yourself in the tech sector, you are do provided with the bigger wings here. And, this is the only place where you don’t get surprised when stumbled upon a big movie star. The city is home to one of the biggest movies industry in the world Bollywood. Besides being hard workers, you know what else Mumbai people are known for? They are the tested fashionistas over the time. Called Paris of India, Mumbai has every designer brand, biggest shopping malls, and even those little stalls who sell you pretty little things at unbelievably low prices. From east to west, north to south, it has everything a city of dreams should be made up of.

5. Pune


While the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai get flooded by the migrants, Pune is relatively less crowded. With open areas and less population, it is a cake walk on roads for taking a drive. So peaceful that it is sometimes’s dubbed as the pensioner’s paradise. While it has its calm and composed side, don’t think for a second the city doesn’t know how to party. With an ever-growing IT sector and so many reputed colleges, the city is largely thronged by the young blood. With such a young population, it is natural to expect a great nightlife out of this city. And, on the top of that weather throughout the year stays heavenly cool here. Still, if you want to escape that for a day or two, there are plenty of nearby beaches, lakes, hill stations, forts, and parks to hang out.

So, basically all the nice things with plenty of solitary moments. Quite a city it is, no?

6. Chandigarh


Although you won’t find Chandigarh frequently on the itinerary of travellers, this is definitely one city where one can think of living for a long term. Firstly, it’s a planned city bathed with architecture marvels of French architect Le Corbusier. Here, you are looking at something artistic, cultural, and yet modern enough to be proud to be a part of -symmetrically sized buildings, pedestrian areas just for people, roundabouts decorated with flowers, and large open spaces. Secondly, it is the cleanliness, almost a quality it can credit entirely to itself if we consider other metro cities. Secondly, you can have frequent rendezvous with nature. About one-tenth of the city is allocated for valleys and parks. It’s not on the wavelength of the metropolitan cities with hectic and busy lives. But, it does provide a comfortable life for the laidback in you who appreciates little things in life.