Map Showing Top 5 Places to Eat in Jodhpur

Map of Jodhpur Depicting the Best Places to Eat in the City

Witness the charm of the past in the streets of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Capital of the Marwar kingdom once upon a time, the historic city is known as the ‘Gateway to Thar’. Apart from the imposing Mehrangarh fort, there are temples, lakes, and shopping streets that take you back to a bygone era. The city is also known as the Blue City because the blue houses and blue walls make it seem as if it has been painted with a brush dipped in blue. Tourists also throng the city to shop for handicrafts, textiles, bangles, carpets and marble products. Just like its majestic palaces, the food is equally grand. Food such as Baajre ka Sogra, Chandaliya Sabji, Kaacharaa Mircha Sabzi, Atte ka Halwa are some of the classic dishes of Jodhpur which are a must try. Apart from that, any other cuisine that you’re fond of and looking to savour is also available here.

Here is a list of some of the best places to eat when you’re in town:

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Best Places to Eat in Jodhpur
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Best Places to Eat in Jodhpur
Jodhpur is a well-known tourist place in Rajasthan and has some beautiful sites to see. Check here out the list of the best places/restaurants where you can find tasty food to eat in Jodhpur.