Best Places to visit in and around Patna

Patna, or the old Pataliputra, has long been a cultural centre. It is now the state capital of Bihar, which takes its name from Vihara, a Buddhist monastery. Bihar’s history includes the great Maurya dynasty, which ruled from here, Amrapali’s stories in Vaishali, and renowned institutions such as Nalanda, Vikramshila, and Odantpuri. In addition, it bears traces of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Sikh origin. As Bihar tourism grows, considering the day outings you may take from Patna, using the city as a centre. Here we have mentioned the best places to visit in and around Patna.

List of Top 5 Places to visit in and around Patna:

  • Gaya, Bodhgaya and Barabar Caves

Gaya is a historic place of pilgrimage situated on the banks of the Falgu River. It is well-known for the Vishnupad and Mangala Gauri Shaktipeeth temples. In addition, you must taste Gaya’s renowned Tilkut (sesame seeds and jaggery).

When heading from Patna, Bodh Gaya lies ahead of Gaya and is known for the Mahabodhi Temple. Buddha received enlightenment underneath a Banyan tree, making it the most significant Buddhist pilgrimage. So it’s no surprise that temples are being constructed in all Buddhist countries. People from all around the world come to pay their respects to Buddha’s relics.

  • Rajgir

Rajgir, also known as Rajgriha, is most known for hosting Buddhist seminars. It was also where Mahavir I spent a lot of Chaumasas (holy period of four months July to October). It contains an antique ropeway leading to the Shanti Stupa, situated on a mountain. Son Bhandar caves and Maniyari Math are two lesser-known Rajgir attractions. The Lakshmi Narayan ghat contains many hot springs that are considered to have healing properties.

When in Rajgir, you must ride a Tam Tam. Colourful Tam Tams, Tongas, and horse-drawn buggies are famous here. Then, visit the nearby Silao village to eat the famed sweet Khaja (deep-fried pastry).

  • Darbhanga

The Maharaja of Bihar established one of India’s earliest private airports in 1950 in the royal city of Patna. It has been reopened as part of the Udan project. You will feel excited to see its well-known fort and the Shyama temple, which is somewhat remarkable in its architecture. Other places to visit are Darbhanga Fort and Chandradhari.

If time allows, a diversion to Madhubani may be made to be encircled by stunning walls all around you, beginning with its train station. Not only has the region promoted its art style by transferring it from walls to paper, but it has also produced great artists such as Ganga Devi.

  • Nalanda

This World Heritage Site in brick red reminds us of our great educational history. In its heyday, Nalanda University drew students from all around the world. For example, Xuan Xang, a famous Chinese explorer, visited here to pursue knowledge and brought back many books. The records of his travels across India are still used to learn about India in the 7th century CE. At Nalanda, there is a monument dedicated to him.

Nalanda is undoubtedly worth a half-day visit. To enhance your experience, hire an experienced guide or pick up a guide at the ticket desk.

  • Vaishali

Vaishali has numerous claims to popularity. It is the location of a Buddhist monastery with an in-situ Ashoka pillar. It is where Nagavadhu Vaishali welcomed Buddha to dinner and abandoned everything to join his Sangha. Vaishali was also one of the eight locations where Buddha’s original relics were kept. The stupa no longer exists, although its ruins may be seen. Mahavir Ji, the 24th Jain Tirthankar, was also born at Vaishali. It is home to numerous ancient Hindu temples, including the Chaturlinga temple and the Jain Mandir Bawan Pokhar.