Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Map of Thailand Depicting the Best Places to Visit in the Country

Thailand aka ‘Vegas of the East’ is a beautiful Southeast Asian Country. In Thai language, it is called Prathet Thai, which literally translates to ‘land of the free’. This country is rich in history and culture, at the same time equally friendly and fun loving. From honeymoon to a solo trip, Thailand is the place to be in. Go out and explore captivating landscapes, natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, and other spectacular places to bring out the adventurer in you. Check out the mentioned places in this article and plan your next trip to Thailand for a soul-stirring vacation.

Here is the list of amazing places to visit in Thailand:

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Best Places to Visit in Thailand for Indians
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Best Places to Visit in Thailand for Indians
Planning for an international trip? Then, there will be no other best destination than Thailand. It is one of the favourite international tourist destinations for Indians. In this article, you can find the top 5 best places to visit in Thailand. Have a look!