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Discover Orissa/ Odisha

February 15, 2013


Orissa Beaches

Many believe that Odisha offers the best beaches in the world. Balasore district has miles of shallow beaches which are still largely unexplored and unexploited. Puri to Konark Marine Drive is a non-stop-camera-shutter trip. The miles I walked on the shallow beaches of Chandipur, including the ones in proximity of the resort of Chandipur-on-sea, were the closest I have been to soul of the earth. Most of the beaches in Odisha define the word pristine to its fullest, in contrast there are only a handful of pristine beaches left in Goa.

Kerala, Goa and Odisha offer the best beaches in India, of the three Goa is the most hyped and most exploited and Odisha is the least. If hype is not a priority, a trip to Odisha and discovering its coast, the coast of Bay-of-Bengal  promises to be a vacation of a life time.


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