Election Tourism: Traveling Across for Politics

Election Tourism
Travelling for Politics

Election Tourism

Thousands are the colors of India and thousands are the reasons to experience this diversity. Travelers from all across the globe are always quizzical to see this unique melange of India’s culture and traditions. Whether for the architectural beauty or for the colorful festivals or just for the nature’s blessings, India continues to be visited by a shed-load of tourists throughout the year. This year, while the biggest democracy in the world witnesses yet another simulacrum of the Lok Sabha Elections, the concept of “Election Tourism” has rung the bell of the tour operators in India.

The whimsical flutter that India goes through during the time of the elections can never be witnessed in any part of the world. The general elections are the most important segment of India’s political framework. The exuberant campaigning schedule and the zestful participation of the citizens of India is something worth being a part of. Which is why the country is experiencing a sudden rush of tourists flocking India to witness the whole course of the general elections. The keen interest of tourists in exploring the democratic culture of India has led to the coinage of a new dimension of tourism called “The election tourism”.

The election tourism is not just a fashion for the tourists abroad, but is also an equally enriching opportunity for the citizens of India as well. Traveling across the country to listen to the election speeches, to see the contribution of the leaders with your own eyes and sometimes even to meet them gives you an insight of the actual scenario of the political parties. Which in return helps you to choose a better leader for your country. Following the interest of people in traveling to different places as a part of th elections, the tour operators have now come up with a number of tourist programs and packages to make it much more convenient.

In India, elections are carried out with the same festivities with which the weddings take place. There is boundless enthusiasm, music, thunderous applaud, dance along with the glazy demonstrations by the garlanded men contesting the elections. Areas like Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and the capital city are the top-notch choices of the tourists abroad. The high-pitch political drama in India is reaching out to all parts of the world giving multifarious arena of the tourism sector a dimension for growth! Are you ready to experience it?