Enjoy Food, Shopping and Adventure at Omaxe Connaught Place in Greater Noida

Omaxe Connaught Place Mall in Greater Noida
Omaxe Connaught Place Mall, Greater Noida
Omaxe Connaught Place Mall in Greater Noida
Omaxe Connaught Place Mall, Greater Noida

Magic can be felt in the air when life seems to be absolutely blissful, i.e., when we come across adventure, fun and an amazing world of activities. Spending time with our toddlers, parents, friends and colleagues is always enjoyable. The calmness our soul experiences in happy environment keeps our mind away from toxic thoughts. So, to make your evening special today, we would love to take you to the joyous Omaxe Mall Connaught Place. Built like the famous British era Connaught Place of New Delhi, the shopping and entertainment experience this theme based mall will serve you with is absolutely breathtaking.

Is there something special about Omaxe Mall Connaught Place?

Well this wonderful mall which is located in Greater Noida is an ultimate destination for fulfilling your business, entertainment and commercial needs. To fill your day with more excitement, OCP has come up with “Oh!max”. This indoor wonderland is designed beautifully by a renowned architect and artist. This place has not only gained popularity among Indian tourists but foreign tourists are also drawn because of its rising popularity.

List of surprising Theme Parks at Oh!max includes:

1. Snow World: Well this scorching heat is troubling our mind. To maintain our sanity, all we need to do is to chill. The frozen, ice chilling snow which you will get over here is like that of Antarctica. Only some lucky ones can visit the actual continent. But Omaxe has brought this enriching experience for you at the most affordable prices.

2. Stunt Show: Bikes and stunts amaze us the most. In order to see the hot, mind blowing professional rides, hang out at least once at Omaxe. To enjoy the breathtaking show.

3. Indoor Cricket Pitch: Being an Indian and becoming a true Cricket lover is just so mundane. If you really want to spend some active quality time with your family and friends, then grab the chance to play as well as watch cricket here happily.

4. Motion Gaming: These are casual games for the sports lovers. The games included in this section are Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Fight Night, Heavy Rain and Sports Champion 2.

5. Dancing Fountain: To dance and groove to foot tapping numbers, well no occasion is required. So, if you wish to have a joyous evening and wanna dance, then Omaxe will shower you with bountiful sprays and splashes of 22,000 gallons of water. Moreover, this place has more than 6,600 lights, along with 25 color projectors. It has all been setup just to lift your spirits.

Other than the activities stated above, this Mall consists of :

1. Surface Mapping
2. Oh-Max Rope Adventures
3. The Wonderfully made secret chambers of Taj.
4. Jungle feel available at the Jungle of Amazon.
5. A mysterious Egypt
6. A thrilling Dinosaurs Park
7. Mirror Maze
8. Special Movie Making Place for the Kids.
9. Toytrain
10. Chocolate Factory
11. Carousel
12. The Live Unsinkable Titanic and what not?

Other exciting features at the Mall:

1. Luxurious 5-Star Hotel
2. Mega 5 Screen Multiplex
3. New Age Offices
4. Vibrant Shopping Mall
5. Food Courts
6. Family entertainment Zone

Well, after hearing so much about this Mall, I personally can’t wait to catch up. How about you? But I think before entering in this happy domain, we need to know timings, that is 9 am to 10 pm.


Omaxe Mall Connaught Place, Sector Beta 2, near CNG filling station, Greater Noida.

How to commute?

You can easily reach this Mall via car, else you can also board the Metro. Meanwhile, Ola and Uber are available 24/7, to offer you transport services. Otherwise, it’s a 3 minute ride from Pari Chowk.

Vacations mode is ON, so what are you waiting for? Just go and hang out with your buddies. Step away from your worries and tensions for a day, and welcome the relaxing moments that life is waiting to offer you.

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