Famous Restaurants for Indian Food in Boston

Map of Boston depicting the famous restaurants for Indian food

You can always visit a local Indian restaurant in Boston (no matter whether you are an omnivore or a vegetarian) when it comes to spicing up your life with a dose of flavour. Tuck in authentic chicken tikka masala, savor in the spicy vindaloo, crunch on the chaats, and relish your favorite south Indian dishes in homey surroundings and ornate Indian setting. Whether you are in West Roxbury, Somerville, Cambridge, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, or any other place in Boston, you are always near the best Indian restaurant to serve you authentic regional specialties in fine dining or traditional setting.

Let’s check out some of the famous and best restaurants that serve Indian food in Boston.

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Famous Restaurants for Indian Food in Boston
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Famous Restaurants for Indian Food in Boston
Are you looking for Indian restaurants in Boston? Here in this article, we bring you the list of some of the best restaurants in Boston for Indian cuisine.