Five Isolated Places to escape the hustle-bustle of Everyday Life!

Five Isolated Places to visit
Five Isolated Places to visit

Five Isolated Places to visit

Each one of us some point or the other goes through this weird phase wherein being secluded from the world is the only peace we want in life! Well, don’t worry! You are not suffering from any kind of mental illness that is urging you to cut off all your connections. It is the hustle-bustle of today’s super-tied up life which we try to escape when our mind and body gives up on us. In such an instance, going on a short break away from the entire work load is the best gift you could give to yourself! If you have been wanting to get lost at a place where the phone calls, mails, texts or even the people cannot reach you, why not do it for real? Dump all the connectivities and set out on a journey of self-love! Still thinking? Here I am to help you choose from five most aesthetically remote places which will not only revive your energies but will truly make you fall in love with your life!

1. Islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Less is known about the divine beauty these islands concede in themselves! The virgin beaches of Andaman and Nicobar are the perfect options for you to let loose away from the world. Spectacular white sand, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water and the unseen aquatic life will give a perfect boost to your senses!

2. Valleys of Leh/Ladakh

The celestial landscape of this region is something I can personally vouch for! If you haven’t been to Ladakh as yet, you have no clue as to what the term beauty stands for. The gorgeous valleys covered with pitch blue sky makes for a scenery so picturesque that you actually question yourself, “Is this for real?”

3. Forests of Western Ghats

If you are a devout lover of nature, this is the place for you! The beauties and the healing of lush green forests around you will relax your mind in and out. Getting lost in the lap of nature is one of the best options you have for a mystical retreat. For a memorable experience, try out camping here and you will certainly cherish every bit of time spent at these Ghats!

4. Caves of Meghalaya

If you have been bitten by the adventure bug and this is an urge you cannot resist at any cost, I would recommend you to pack your bags and escape to the caves of Meghalaya! This unique place will offer you with several magnificent caves waiting to be discovered adventurously! The beautiful terrains of Meghalaya are perfect for those wanted to set out on an adventure trip alone.

5. Sand Dunes of Thar

This is one of the most off-beat locations one can choose to be isolated at! We have often heard that one can actually get lost in the Thar Desert, so why not do it purposely? Not just this golden desert but the entire Rajasthan awaits you with all its colors, music, stories and folk dances! What better than treating yourself with royalty?