Five Most Interesting Careers for Travel Buffs

Careers for Travel Buffs
Careers for Travel Buffs

Interesting Careers for Travelers

Career Options in Travel and Tourism Industry

Who says you can only travel around once in a while? Who says travelling is only for fun sake? And who says travelling on only makes you spend? While for most of the people travelling might only mean going on a vacation once in a while, there are those who would love to travel all through their lives! They are the ones who absolutely relish the idea of exploring different places and meeting different people. For them travel is that inebriety which keeps them alive, which keeps them motivated!

Gone are the days when travelling was only subjected to holidays and vacations! With the rampant growth in the tourism sector, travelling jobs have become one the most sought after careers in the world. In fact, travelling is one such activity which is the core of many interesting careers. If you have the desire to move around the world, why wait till your retirement to realize your dream? Engage yourself in one of the most interesting careers that will not only offer you a good pay but will also support your passion of travelling!

1. Flying Steward/ Flight Attendant

Though it is one of the most obvious travel related career, it is surely a lucrative idea! Who won’t like travelling all around the world that too at an amazing pay?

Pay Scale: 2 lacs- 9 lacs per annum

2. Travel Agent/ Tour Operator/Guide

This is possibly the best way to travel around for work along with getting to meet different kinds of people. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

Pay Scale: 2.5 lacs- 6 Lacs + Incentives (per annum)

3. Travel Photographer

Whether for magazines, television or simply for destination weddings, a travel photographer is much in demand these days. A course in photography can offer you such an opportunity!

Pay Scale: 3-5 lacs (per annum)

4. Event Manager/Coordinator

Event management is one such career which requires excessive travelling! A number of events take place all through the year, all through the world. What better than taking the lead to manage these events along with getting to travel much?

Pay Scale: 4 lacs-6 lacs (per annum)

5. Travel Writer/Blogger

The latest in the trend, a career as a travel writer or a blogger is the most popular one these days! A good write-up about different destinations not only helps the readers to choose from a wide range of destinations but also helps him to know much more about the place that even the tour operators might not be able to tell you about.

Pay Scale: 3 lacs-5 lacs (per annum)