Five Places which will make you relish the Monsoon Season

Five places to Visit in Monsoon Season
Five top Monsoon destinations

Five places to Visit in  Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in India is like an eagerly awaited festival which brings harbinger of hope and joy to everybody’s life. Beginning right after the peak point of the summer season, monsoon brings along a big relief from the scorching heat people have to suffer during the months of May and June. It is the lover’s season; the official season of love and romance. The beauty that monsoon brings along is so mesmeric that it is impossible for anyone to not like this season. But unfortunately, at some places the scenario is totally different during the monsoons. Instead of adorning the city, rains bring along blocked sewers and turbulent traffic jams.

In a situation like this, it is quite unlikely for anyone to even think about enjoying the rains. So does that mean that people can never make the most of this season? Absolutely no! If you are a big fan of the monsoons and don’t want to miss the fun the rains bring along, plan a trip to a place which will make you fall in love all over again! To much surprise, India has a good number of remotely located monsoon destinations which not only look spectacular during monsoons but are also crowd free for you to enjoy peacefully. So today I am going to tell you about five such places which you can definitely travel to, especially during the monsoons! Here we go:-

1. Valparai, Tamil Nadu

It is a hidden paradise occupied with tropical evergreen forests and vast lands of tea plantations. This place is blessed with lush greenery which is extremely soothing to the eyes. Waterfalls, forests, plantations, ferns and orchids are the big attractions of this place.

2. Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

This place is one of the best replacements for Goa during monsoons. The ancient forts adorning the Konkan coastline add to the historic value of this place. These are the fine exemplars of the bright Marathi history. Sindhudurg is known for its virgin beaches, mango orchards and palaces.

3. Phalodi, Rajasthan

One of the best districts of Rajasthan, Phalodi is filled with lush greenery all year round. This unique district has a number of salt lakes, sand dunes and tribal villages to look out for.

4. Gokarna, Karnataka

It is a small temple town in Karnataka with mesmerizing beaches. To make the most of this place, rent a shack on the beach. You can also enjoy the old village life at this place. There is also a white-sand beach nearby.

5. Chakrata, Uttarkhand

This place in Uttarkhand is all about scenic landscapes, peace and tranquility. Because of being relatively unknown, it is free of tourists and all sorts of crowd. Clouds are the defining beauty of this place. You can also enjoy the wide variety of birds in this region.